Geoffrey S. Drake

Freelance Comedy Writer & Fiction Writer

Location:Niceville, Florida, United States
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I'm a freelance writer currently living in Florida with years of practice. I have a particularly keen eye regarding comedy and the structure of fictional stories as well as science fiction, but I am also entirely capable of more technical or generally non-fiction writing (biographies, press releases, ads, etc.) as well as grandiose and highly overwrought descriptions. I have not yet worked with other writers before, but I am excited at the prospect.

I have completed many years worth of private commissions for various locals and would like to extend my work beyond the local sector (especially as times are tough). In my high school years I was one of the few to garner a perfect score on FCAT/Florida Writes and received a reward during graduation for allegedly being the best writer in class. I do however believe there is always someone better out there and thus I am constantly motivated to improve my writing skills.

I generally stay abreast of politics and news, both local and foreign, as fodder for subject matter. I am also a feminist and try to portray both genders and all cultures accurately while lampooning them. I usually have a good idea of what's pushing the line and what isn't, and I am willing to listen to suggestions and criticism.

I currently have one private project ongoing, a science fiction web serial at
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Comedy Writing
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