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Robyn W. Gordon

Freelance Artist, Book Illustrator, & More

Location:Vineyard, Utah, United States
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I have a great website that has an about bio that you can find in my resume below.

I am always up for a challenge and I love to work in almost every medium available. I work with a lot of traditional mediums but I have done some work in digital as well. I love traditional because I have to be very careful when I work, and I love the making of it from a blank surface to a vivid finish.

I would love to work for you.


To work in an environment where I can make a difference in the lives of
others through my abilities to produce art while strengthening my
communications skills and always striving to improve my art.


SCERA Center for the Arts (801) 225-2787
Teacher of the Arts
Orem, UT

Teaching students the basic/ intermediate principles of art and
elements of design, through lesson plans that I designed utilizing power
points and hands on teaching methods. The students gained more
understanding of art to be able to produce pieces for the student gallery
show at the SCERA Center for the Arts Gallery at the end of the
semester. My classes included Anime, Cartoon Illustration, Drawing,
Painting and Pottery.


Robyn W. Gordon (801) 735-6658
Fine Artist
Vinetard, UT

Fine arts, Illustrations and Murals on a commission basis which included
Trompe l'oeil murals to camouflage electrical boxes on homes, portraiture,
historical representations real or fictional and gallery showings. Using
graphite pencils, oil paint, acrylic paint and watercolor to create pieces that
cater to the clients needs

JANUARY 2012– APRIL 2012

Suncrest Elementary School (801) 601-8120
4H Teacher of Cartooning
Orem, UT

Teaching students the basic principles of cartooning animals, humans
and their environments through lesson plans that I designed utilizing
power points and hands on teaching methods. The students gained
more understanding of cartooning to produce a piece to be in the
parents showcase at the end of the semester.


Little Yellow House (801) 735-6658
Daycare and Preschool Owner/Director
Orem, UT

Personally opening and running my own State Licensed Daycare,
ensuring quality care for children that I watch on a daily basis. Teaching
children good social skills and educating them in order for a smooth and
easy transition into school with personally created lesson plans and


I have received Licensing through the State of Utah for my business.

I have been a featured artist at local shows appearing at Juice ‘and’
Java Coffee Shop, Utah Valley University, and the Woodbury Art
Museum, as well as having a painting on display at Sundance Ski

I have been a featured poet at the Higher Grounds Poetry Series as
well as having performed with a well known poet in the Salt Lake
City Arts Festival.

I enjoy traveling and have visited many different places within the
United States, Peru, The United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, France,
Canada, Mexico, and Japan.

I have taken a few semesters of Spanish and enjoy learning from
native speakers.


Baccalaureate of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Illustration.

Private Lessons in the Atelier style of Drawing and Painting.

Completed State Licensing Courses, Sharing the Caring, Child
Development, Children in Their Early Years, Health and Wellness,
CPR, First Aid Training, and AED for Children Infants and Adults.


For three years I donated time at Cove Point Retirement Center.
This Clinic enabled me to help retired individuals care for
themselves. This time also afforded me the opportunity to provide
companionship and conversation.

I donate time to Freedom Academy Charter School, working in the
schools library helping the students find books, checking out and
checking in books, covering and sorting books.

I donated time with many other of my UVU Illustration classmates to
paint a mural within Orem Fire Station #3. This mural is to help
facilitate the teaching of fire safety to children.


Sara Caldiero-Oertli - (801) 367-9643 - Poet, Writer and Teacher
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Jason Hall - (801) 995-3100 - Owner/Operator Elite Solutions
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