Bob Balmer

Freelance Comedy Writer & Comic Writer

Location:Rainier, Oregon, United States
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I have been a published free-lance writer for over twenty years. My humorous commentaries and satiric pieces have aired on the NPR shows MarketPlace and the Savvy Traveler, as well as on Oregon Public Radio and Oregon Public Television. My work has appeared in "The Smithsonian", "Golf Illustrated", "The Oregonian" and numerous other print media.

I have a degree in creative writing from Portland State University. My thesis was ten short stories judged by a panel of three of my instructors. I also belong to writing groups with other free-lance writers, all of whom have been published. I continue to attend writer workshops and read the work of the best comedic writers being published today. Comedy is my passion, and writing comedy is how I tap into that passion.

Still, almost half of my published work has dealt with more serious issues. One issue was how my mother, father, family and I dealt with my father's Alzheimer's disease. Another issue I’ve written extensively about dealt with various facets of public schools: discipline, parents, class clowns, state funding, year round school. I feel comfortable writing about schools, as I am a part-time high school English teacher.

But I have done more than teach English. I was a talented and gifted coordinator for elementary, middle and high school. As a TAG coordinator I wrote a successful grant, garnering money to get the Harrisburg TAG Program in Harrisburg, Oregon, started. The seed money helped over fifty students better explore their academic potential. Additionally, I helped write a grant to secure funding to start a GED program at Sherwood High School in Sherwood, Oregon. The grant was a collaborative effort, both in terms of research and writing.
Because I am a creative thinker and an above average writer, I can look at the task assigned to me and then select the skills to use that best fit that task. Whether it’s comedy, a grant or an article about skydiving, I can convey a message in a creative, interesting, informative, and thought-provoking manner. It’s why I am a great choice to write something for you.
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