Philip Fugate

Freelance Website Programmer & Database Programmer

Location:Bozeman, Montana, United States
2 Skills
I am currently a web/software developer working at Montana State University on a geological database application. For the past year and a half I have worked to develop an extensive application that allows geologists to explore the overall data set in different ways. I developed a scatter plot chart system that allows users to chart different data sets for comparison and then export that chart as either a PDF or Excel spreadsheet. In conjunction with this system I integrated the 140,000 document set into a Google Search Box creating a parser to change the look and url's of the returned results. The search system was integrated with the chart system to allow users to jump from a specific data point to search results related to that data point. Security is a top priority since the data is proprietary and needs to be protected. We created extensive user permissions that allows users to access only particular portions of the entire data set depending on their user level. The entire system has been developed in PHP, MySQL, SQL, Postgres, Python, Javascript, R and C#. If you would like to preview the web application feel free to contact me and I'll get you the URL and any other information you are looking for.