David Parker

Freelance Graphic Designer & 3D Graphic Designer

Location:Decatur, Alabama, United States
Website: http://adamparkermultimedia.webs.com/
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Adam Parker

You can contact me via my website at: http://adamparkermultimedia.webs.com/

Objective: Seeking the Position of 3D Animator / Multi-Media Design Artist

SUMMARY: Highly talented Multi-Media Designer with background in Graphic Design, Vector and Raster Graphics, 3D Modeling and Design, and Presentation Design. Skilled at animating, rendering, and creating content to facilitate production.

Skills and Technical Knowledge

? 3D Animation, Texturing, and Modeling
? Blender
? 3D Studio Max
? Maya

? Graphic Arts and Design/Technical Illustration
? Freehand
? Adobe InDesign
? Adobe Photoshop
? Adobe Illustrator
? Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

? Website Design, Presentation, and Programming
? Dreamweaver
? Flash
? Director MX

? Audio Recording (Analog (ADAT) and Digital recording)
? Cakewalk (Sonar and Pro Tracks)
? Pro Tools

Summary of Qualifications
• Produced Billboards, Signs, Decals, and Forms Designs, while adhering to guidelines and arranging documents specified by and catered to each individual printing company.
• Rebranded company identity to produce an overall consistency to the look of their business and all personnel forms.
• Developed more cost effective designs while maximizing efficiency and keeping all pertinent information.
• Profound ability to create animations according to customer and internal specifications using animation software (e.g.- Flash, Blender, etc.).
• Used programs such as 2D and 3D software, such as Flash, Director, Blender, and Maya to design creative presentations, web content, and model and rig animation friendly characters and mechanical rigs, props, and environments
• Used programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel to keep accurate records of purchase orders, generate graphic detailed promotional designs, in and out-flow of stock, employee time sheets, etc.
• Remarkable ability to revise and create technical animations, from engineering prints, photographs, sketches, rough descriptions, or other source material.
• Profound ability to create animations according to customer and internal specifications using animation software (e.g., Flash, Blender, etc.).
• Ability to develop timing and pace of a character or object's movements during the animation to ensure synchronization with the soundtrack and audio requirements.
• Able to build detailed frame-by-frame visuals with accuracy.
• Sound recording ability to effectively resolve job challenges.
• Ability to work with little or no supervision while effectively supervising and assisting the work of others.
• Excellent ability to communicate effectively on a technical and interpersonal basis.
• Strong ability to work effectively as part of a team and independently.
• Ability to meet deadlines for productions and to meet the commercial needs of clients.

Education and Training
2006 – 2009

Calhoun College
Athens, AL

A.A.S. Degree

• Graphic Art/Design
• 3-D Animation

1991 – 1994

Danville High School
Danville, AL

Professional Experience

2010 (Jan)-present Graphic Designer, OMNI Management, Decatur

2006-present Freelance Computer Graphic Designer, Decatur

Other Experience

• As a freelance designer, and during my professional experience, I have created and developed a number of websites and web content, as well as tee-shirt design, form design, stickers, and other professional and marketing use.
• I have worked on various commercial shoots as a camera technician as well as used video editing software for DreamMaker Entertainment.
• I have worked as an audio technician for Soundworks Studios, as well as a number of recording studios using a number of different audio recording programs.
• Classes, Personal, and Profession experience also includes: Painting, Drawing, Color and Light Theory, 2-D Composition, Digital Photography and Composition, etc.
Skills (2) Rating
Graphic Design
3D Graphic Design