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Paris Holley composer

Freelance Music Composer & Audio Producer

Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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I specialize in music for film, television, and interactive media. My genres include, Horror, Suspense, Emotions, Jazz, Romance, Far East, Rock, Crime, Electronic, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Hip-Hop, and the list goes on.
I've found that trying to come up with music from the script has always been difficult. The score, for me, is dictated by the way the images are laid out. The movement, the pacing, the timing and facial expressions. Other than the common denominator of whether it is going to be a romance or an action film, horror or a fantasy, you can take the same script and make 20 different movies from it, and that, for me, would require 20 different music scores.What works for me is to look at the rough cut of the film or video with absolutely no preconceptions of what I'm going to do. In other words,
the more blank I can make my mine, the better the outcome will be for the project.
So the first level of my process is the initial impression of a musical piece. Now I've
got something-a theme, or motif, or rhythmic feel-that I think is going to work.
The next part is really hard because it is about really applying it to the film,
and that involves watching it a lot.

I will take the rough cut media to my studio, watch over and over. I start coming up with
lots of ideas and recording them and trying them out and moving them in multi variations.
It is kind of a crazy process, because then I get to a point where I have too many ideas and I have
to see how this idea will fit next to that idea, and how they can go together. I can't start actually writing the score until I'm very confident that I have all of the pieces in place. Now, I don't know how they are going to fit together exactly, but getting those components in order is the hardest part of scoring to me.It is good to know that the technical stuff doesn't make the score. It helps with the presentation, and directors really want that nowadays, but it still hasn't changed the fact that the art is still the art, and it is still about capturing tone. And capturing the tone is probably the most important thing you are going to give the production.