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Hamid Reza Mohseni

Freelance Graphic Designer, Photographer, & More

Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
12 Skills

Professional Artist and Graphic Designer with over 25 years of extensive experience in fields such as designing web pages, posters, logos, brochures, books and magazine layouts, typography, producing video clips and animation industry who is highly motivated, creative and versatile with exceptional interpersonal skills among team members and subordinates. I have accomplished and integrated the desires of the clients with an outstanding design solution.

Designing Websites Creating 2D & Flash Animations Creating & Producing Video Clips Drawing & Illustrating Techniques Designing Posters
Designing Logos Design Brochures, Books & Magazine’s Layout Typography Photography Sketching & Painting

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premier Adobe After Effect Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Flash
Adobe Sound Forge Adobe In Design Adobe Illustrator Microsoft Power Point
Microsoft Word & Excel


Graphic Designer & Marketing Advisor | McCaul Art Gallery 2012 – 2013
• Designed the primary logo and corporate identity for McCaul Art Gallery
• Worked as a photographer taking specific pictures for the various paintings within the gallery
• Taught and consulted with students regarding drawing, sketching and painting techniques as a Sketching and Painting Instructor
• As a Marketing Advisor, used knowledge and understanding of art and design to select pieces of art that created the overall mood the client desired to achieve
• Installed the artwork and placed artistic sculptures in ways that made them effective additions to the building's décor
• Gave appraisals of artwork based upon their expertise of popular art styles and high-selling artists
• Researched and analyzed the market; maintained up-to-date knowledge of art trends
• Targeted potential consumers in the markets and planned effective strategies to increase the sales of the products
• Worked on various Movies and Teasers including completing the Miss Universe Canada 2012 teaser and the McCaul Art Gallery video clip; worked on projects from initial planning through to completion

Lead Graphic Designer & Marketing Advisor | Parsian Arayeh 2010 - 2011
Graphic Designer
• Designed the logo and corporate identity for Parsian Arayeh
• Oversaw and designed company’s weekly and monthly advertisements for magazines and websites
• Planned and designed Parsian Arayeh’s posters, catalogues and brochures
• Completed company’s video clips and teasers; oversaw all video clips and was the lead consultant on design related elements
• Designed wallpaper motives and symbols for the company’s customers and clients; maintained positive relationships with clients and collaborated effectively to ensure successful completion
• Planned, organized, designed and executed successful exhibitions and event for Parsian Arayeh

Marketing Advisor
• Advised and formulated marketing strategies in order to help launch clients' products and services effectively
• Collaborated with clients' advertising and public relations departments so as to create successful and unified plans
• Researched consumer behavior and preferences in order to create the most favorable strategic results while meeting consumer needs

Lead Designer | Partow Film Ltd. 1990 – 2009
Graphic Designer
• Designed the logo and corporate identity for Partow Film
• Designied Partow Film’s weekly and monthly advertisements for magazines & websites
• Designed Partow Film’s posters, catalogues and brochures
• Planned and shot all Partow Film’s video clips & teasers

Illustrator & Cartoonist
• Illustrated Partow Films storyboards for video clips & teasers
• Created animation characters for teasers and advertisement

• Took numerous fashion photos and retouched them for upcoming advertisements and teasers

Marketing Advisor
• Introduced of new and fragile business techniques by keeping all parties satisfied
• Completed negotiation with concerned parties and stakeholders
• Drafted news and magazine articles and developed media plans and policies with executives in the organization
• Directed and supervised public relations campaigns for a company or organization

Master’s Degree, Professional Scriptwriting (M.A) 1997
Bagh Ferdos Cinema School | Tehran, Iran

Master’s Degree, Animation (M.A) 1995
Tehran Art University, Tehran, Iran

Bachelor’s Degree, Graphic Design (B.A) 1991
Tehran University, Tehran, Iran