Mark Rzepka

Freelance Screenwriter & Fiction Writer

Location:Des Plaines, Illinois, United States
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I am a college student who works full time and has had an extensive history in writing. I'm an active member in my touring band, though we are now recording a full feature length album expected to release in the Spring of 2014. I have been writing short stories since a very young age and in the past few years have started to transition to song writing and most especially, screen writing. I've written, revised with multiple critiques and completed several short screenplays and a feature length spec script in cooperation with a private media company.

Although I may be young, my expectations of myself match or may even far exceed those of more "experienced" writers. I've excelled in preparation for my feature length screenplay, completing a college level forensics class and criminology course just to further my understanding of character relations within a story and to be able to fully utilize real life experience to drive a narrative. Upon successful completion of a course and with professor recommendation, I've aided and presented a forensics showcase on two separate occasions to members of the local police force, DEA, and private investigators, all on the premise that I was trying to get better involved in my story about a misfit group of thieves.

I am a young, mature, team player that has a lot to bring to the table no matter what the job. However, when it comes writing, my primary focus has always been on character development. Nothing is more valuable to me than being able to connect to a made up personality based on speech, intentions, actions and lack thereof, second only to a compelling story. My ultimate goal isn't to write a work of art or to craft a masterpiece, but to have an audience take something from a personal experience that I've created for them.

As always, I love to have my work speak for me. Send me your vision and I'll give you my own interpretation. We'll collaborate and make it happen.
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Fiction Writing