Claire Thomason

Freelance Artist & Illustrator

Location:Birmingham, Alabama, United States
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Claire Elizabeth Thomason

My career goal is to one day work/run/own an art instructional studio, where one could go to either express themselves artistically and/or learn how to, as well as a place to show/sell their work to 'John and Jane Public'. For the past eight years I have been working toward a different goal, to one day run/own a Tattoo Shop. After being in that business for years and in different citys and shops, I have come to the realization that the 'Tattoo Shop' atmosphere is just not the type of atmosphere I really want to spend the rest of my life in. Though the work is deeply satisfying and I immensely enjoyed meeting the many, many different types of people who both collect and deliver body modifications (tattoos, piercings, brands, etc.), I do not enjoy the often volatile atmosphere. Dealing with those who are intoxicated can turn into a physical problem (more in the tourist areas/seasons), and I am sorry to say, the dishonist and shady nature of a good number of the clientele/body mod. operators delt with on a daily basis. I am in no way trying to slander the buisness or its patrons, this is simply my own views based on personal experiances during my years as an artist, and the reasons behind my drastic change in career/goals.
I am searching for a job to help me reach my goal and that provide me with the things I will need to achieve it. This means something basic as steady income in a professional atmosphere (a must), that furthers my experiance in the business side of my career aims, and/or something to help further me in the artistic side. I am a very precise, quick learning, and hard worker.
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