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Location:San Antonio, Texas, United States
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Masters - MBA/Comp Res Mgmt Webster University Ft Sam Houston, TX
BS - Computer Science Georgia Southern University Statesboro, GA

Network Management / Security
Joint C4I Staff & Operations Course (JC4ISOC)
Air Force Information Technology Conference
Computer Network Defense (CNDA)
Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)
Voice over Internet Protocol
UNIX Fundamentals
TCP/IP Fundamentals
UNIX Sec Fundamentals
Attack and Defend - Security Fundamentals

Windows 7, UNIX, Solaris, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, C++, Java, HTML5 and XML, Perl, PGP, HIPAA, DBA, DBMS, System Administrator, and SDLC, VPN, Intrusion Prevention/Detection Systems; Protocols: Network (DHCP, DNS, NFS), Cisco / Juniper routers and switches; Telecom (H.323, SIP, RTP, VoIP, Call Manager, Messaging); Internet (HTTPS, DNS, TCP/IP); VMware, Citrix, ITIL, Active Directory, Windows, Cisco UCS-type software

10/2012-Present Database Analyst
Full-Time Supervisor: Edward A. Martinez 210-244-2986
Provide support to DataWarehouse Team by analyzing, developing, implementing, evaluating, coordinating and consultation on program activities related to San Antonio Independent School District; maintain information integrity, availability and accessibility for customers. Liaison w/vendors to ensure all data w/in system reflects info provided to each according to contract and/or agreement.

03/2012-06/12 Health System Specialist
Full-Time Supervisor: Eric Custard 210-221-7749
Provide support to management by analyzing, developing, implementing, evaluating, coordinating and consultation on program activities related to Contract Health Services (CHS) activities; implements and interprets Area and Headquarters CHS policies and procedures; participates in the establishment and implementation of a comprehensive medical priority system that will most effectively serve quality health care delivery within available resources; provides training and technical support to the field in administrative skills necessary to manage CHS activities such as automated systems and preparation of medical authorizations; responsible for data collection, transformation, validation and analysis for special reports and assures that reports are prepared in a timely manner and that they contain all required information to assist in decision-making by management; provides guidance and instruction to originators on information requirements, modifications in processing methods and proper reporting procedures required by the Office of the Surgeon General (OTSG); responsible for the inspection, cleansing, transformation and formation (modeling) of data by highlighting useful information, suggest conclusions, and support management decision making; responsible for the development of GUI database which consisted of controls to ensure data integrity and validity to assist in process improvement and work.

07/2007-09/2012 Director of Communications / Assistant Operations Officer
Full-Time Supervisor: LTC Christopher A. Webb/LTC Paul Rosser 650-603-8675
Handled all organizational/personnel records, training and validation to ensure mission readiness for combat; assisted in planning, executing and grading of unit to ensure meeting military standards required for success in combat; initiated standard operating procedures for personnel and tasks required ensure success; managed the operational testing of battlefield systems, software and other resources used by military personnel; work with training experts ensuring software and system implementations meet security standards, interoperability, and foregone rigorous testing; Chief Information Officer managed all network, telecommunication and video operations; managed the IT program processes, which ensured compliance with higher authority policies and guidelines. Produced and managed network configuration drawings for Certification & Accreditation Program, established all IT policies and operational procedures; responsible for Information Assurance (IA) oversight enforcing security standards and compliances. Configured firewalls, routers, switches, Protected Distribution Systems, Network Intrusion Detection, and performed various System Administration duties (Microsoft Exchange / SharePoint). Established Web and Email Servers, Internet/Wireless Connectivity, Cisco Voice Systems (VoIP and Call Manager), and performed Vulnerability Assessments and designed Data Center Design (Rack/Cabinet Layout, Distributive Cabling, Power, AC). Specialized in various IT concepts, principles, methods, and practices; the mission and programs of customer organizations; responsible for design and maintenance of the organization’s IT infrastructure; research and advise commander on new and emerging information technologies and industry trends; established and handled acquisition management policies and procedures; researched cost-benefit analysis principles and methods; planned and carried out difficult and complex assignments and developed new methods, approaches, and procedures; provided advice and guidance on a wide range and variety of complex IT issues; interpreted IT policies, standards, and guidelines; conducted analyses and recommended resolution of complex issues affecting the specialty area; evaluated and recommended adoption of new/enhanced approaches to delivering IT services.

04/2002-07/2007 Telecomm Specialist/Tech Director
Full-Time Supervisor: COL Teresa L. Fitzpatrick 530-634-4196
Senior Technical Advisor (CIO) for Communications Plans and Programs advised command on ways to make operations more efficient by leveraging technology. Responsible for publications and recommendations of new policies, guidance and standard operation procedures (SOPs). Ensured operational policies and processes are compliant with industry standards (i.e. DIACAP, ITIL, Air Force Policy Directive (AFPD) 33-1, Air Force Instructions (AFI) 33-101, 33-103, and 9th Communications Squadron). Experienced working with Defense Information Technology Systems Certification and Accreditation Process (DITSCAP), DOD 5200.40, DOD 8500.1 Series; NIACAP; and NIST. Directed strategic IT planning function to improve direction and focus; integrated organizational planning, programming and manpower activities to meet all organizational (548IG, 480IW, AFISRA, ACC, NSA, NGA and Air Force) requirements. Developed and managed a Communications Working Group (CWG)- technical and non-technical personnel- to address risks (security/organizational), FISMA, NIST and Certification & Accreditation activities. Responsible for analytical and evaluative duties related to computer networks and/or telecommunications with primary knowledge requirements of information processing methodology, information technology, computer capabilities and processing techniques. Installed hardware and software, maintains network operations and ensured all inquiries/problems concerning the security of the networks, computers, peripherals and services were resolved. Served as a network security officer. Analyzed equipment, software reliability, identified and corrected issues established communications performance levels. Performed in-depth analysis of IT systems related to network and/or telecommunications design. Performed staff assignments related to program planning, monitoring and/or coordination of the systems analysis and programming functions related to networks and/or telecommunications.

10/2000-04/2002 Technical Instructor
Full-Time Supervisor: Jose Patino 210-732-3000
Served as advisor and technical instructor of Information Systems, Networks and Web Design curriculum. Testing Internet Information Server (IIS), SQL Server, Visual Studio and PowerShell software implementations on various platforms (i.e. Windows 98, NT and 2000). Instructed students on verification of system performance, efficiency and security risks, introduced by software. Implemented application packages and utilities to assist training/development. Designed, implemented, and evaluated staff development for educational professionals. Implemented general IT practices of 1) attention to detail by performing work thoroughly; 2) customer service work with clients to assess needs, provide info, assistance, resolutions to problems or satisfy expectations; 3) oral communication effectively to individual or group, clear/precise presentations, attentive to non-verbal cues then appropriately respond, and 4) problem solving once problem identified, determined accuracy/relevancy of info, evaluate alternatives and made recommendations.

Joint C4I Staff & Operations Course (JC4ISOC)
Computer Ntwk Defense (CNDA)
Computer Info Sec Prof (CISSP)
UNIX Security Fundamentals
Attack and Defend (Security Fundamentals)
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Network Security