Sarit Baran Tarafdar

Freelance Video Producer & Video Editor

Location:Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Phone: 9998567769
Website: http://390023
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I am an experienced cameraman & Editor with own expertise and a modern post production studio; facility include FULL HD editing suit, FCP as well as
Microsoft platform Adobe Premiere pro CS4, capable to edit AVCHD native files. I use Sony HVR-NX5 full HD camcorder(native AVCHD recording). Presently partcipating in "Emarging Film-makers programme" at Howcast Media, USA.I also contributed nearly 500 videos for Demand Studios,USA. Is there any online work opportunity?

Please watch my portfolios and 'How To' videos at

Exceptional, creative video editor and graphic designer with 6+ years worth of experience in editing, directing and producing short films, television and internet advertisements, Event Coverage and documentaries. Other skills include setting up light and operating camera for production shoot.

Main Skills: Video Editor with own post production studio facility. Software used FCP as well as Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 on windows platform. Sony sound forge, Photoshop, Sony Vegas,etc. Cepable to edit native AVCHD files. Video photographer with own FULL HD professional Sony NX5 camcorder. Other shooting gear include ProAim dolly, Jib arm crane, Steadycam, advanced lapel & boom microphones, Reflectors and lighting arrangements.
Editing Software = Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Design = Adobe Photoshop,Adobe Illustrator, Avid Express Pro, Adobe InDesign
Motion Graphics = Adobe After Effects

Photographer and Sales Associate. Responsibilities include taking professional quality portraits of children and families, and selling photo packages to customers. Gained skills in frame cropping, photo editing software and sales techniques.
Strong in written and spoken English and interpersonal skill.

Freelance filming and editing for customers who ordered personalized professional videos. Worked on many commercials and short films and eventually collaborated on commercials for company CEO Michael Pand. Freelance filming and editing commercials for various offers. Commissioned for several commercials of professional quality. Presently participating on "Emarging Film-makers programme" at Howcast Media, USA.I also contributed nearly 500 videos for Demand Studios,USA. Is there any online work opportunity?
Please watch my portfolios and 'How To' videos at
*Responsible for editing television programs that were aired weekly. Oversee all the labeling and filing of the raw footage.
*Met with clients before during and after production to assist and visualize the concepts that they are looking for, and helped to give ideas on the finish product.
*Notable clients included:
Howcast Media, USA.
Demand Studios, USA
Vegabond Studio, USA,USA
Michael Pand Production, Austria
Doordarshan India
NIPM, India

Worked for new media company that focus on producing and delivering high quality entertainment videos across the internet, that were to be stream through the internet. The final products were fine-tuned by the producer of the company.
*Created high quality, up to the time, title and lettering graphics, to be used as intro and lower thirds on feature products.
*Responsible for checking and maintaining camera equipments before a shoot. Operated camera for interviews.

*Associate Degree of Applied Science in Digital Film and MultiMedia.
*Graduate in science (B.Sc.) from the University of Calcutta, West Bengal, India.
*Training on Advanced Documentary Film-making from Sender Freies Berlin.Germany.
*Certificate on Computer Application from DPS, Delhi,India.
• Clubs/Activities: Film Club, TV Production Club, Freelance Video Production and editing. Featured Writer on popular College-Life magazine, Freelance Commercial work.
•Awards and Honors: Silver memento from Confederation of Indian Industries, CII for outstanding media coverage.

Name: Sarit Baran Tarafdar
Religion: Hindu
Height: 5'10", Body: Well Built. Weight: 82kg.
DOB: 17th day of July 1974.
Can read, write & speak in English.
Emigration clearance not required. Citizen of India.
Hold an Indian driving license for Light & Medium motor vehicles.



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Video Production
Video Editing