Bijan Kumar Panda

Freelance Content Writer & Business Consultant

Location:Sacramento, California, United States
2 Skills

1. Warranty Management Business Process Harmonization for a Power Industry
Senior Process and Domain Consultant at Infosys August 2012 – Till Date
Project Brief:
The project was intended towards harmonizing the warranty management process of a power organization. The process across geographic location and across subunits of the division was different creating non-synergy scenarios which incurred an extra cost in serving the customer claims in time. Hence organization needed a harmonized process to provide the cost benefit along with optimized customer service.

Roles and Responsibility:
• Involved in creation of Stakeholder map in Warranty Management As-Is study with the business sponsor
• Conducted face to face high profile interview schedule for the stakeholder of the organization to understand the As – Is Warranty Process of the system
• Prepared face to face interview questionnaire and online survey to carry out organization wide practices on Warranty Management As – Is process
• Consolidated and Evaluated Warranty As – Is process across different sub units of the power company
• Business User Playback to validate the understanding of the WM As – Is process
• Created process maps and RACI matrix across different subunits of a function for Warranty Management end to end process
• Carried out internal benchmarking of the Warranty As – Is process and performed Gap analysis of the process
• Created blue print of the To-Be process and Harmonized the process across business units of a division
• Formulated KPI and performed data touch point analysis for collection of metrics and data analytics scope
• Presented the final Process Harmonization report to the higher management through structured communication
• Regular status and project progress updates to project manager of the customer

2. Warranty Management Business Process As–Is Study for a Discrete Manufacturing Industry
Senior Process and Domain Consultant at Infosys April 2012 – July 2012
Project Brief:
The program was intended to study the As – Is process in Warranty Management area of a leading discrete manufacturing organization (focused towards engine making). The study was conducted in 4 months to cover the end to end enterprise warranty management activities within and outside the organization. This assessment was a higher management drive to close the gap, understand and adopt the best practices in WM space for better coherence.

Roles and Responsibility:
• Created As – Is study action plan for enterprise warranty management area of a leading US engine manufacturing company
• Prepared face to face interview questionnaire on product warranty management to facilitate the As - Is study of the organization.
• Consolidated and Evaluated Warranty As – Is process across different sub units of the engine manufacturing company
• Conducted Business User Playback session to validate the understanding of the WM As – Is process across the functions of each single unit.
• Created end to end warranty process maps and RACI matrix across different subunits of all engine business units.
• Presented the stakeholder map, As – Is report with concise keynotes to the higher management
• Regular status and project progress updates to the customer

3. Campaign Management System for a Leading US Hi-tech Organization
Senior Process and Domain Consultant at Infosys May 2010 – March 2012
Project Brief:
This project is aimed to automate the key customer marketing processes like Campaign Operations, campaign response and effectiveness. Apart from this, the project focused on building important user aggregates on people product association, consumer behavior using data-warehousing architecture for business reporting and campaign planning

Roles and Responsibility:
• Interacted with different business users in client organization to study the process gaps in the existing campaign management system
• Design solution alternatives and conduct business meetings to discuss the detail pros and cons of each solution
• Analyze the data sources and checks the data quality (DQM) in different source system before feasibility analysis of any independent request for different type of analytics and user report.
• Involved in preparing proposals and estimation for different data-warehousing projects in customer analytics space of the organization
• Defined business process for campaign operation, campaign RoI used for business manager reporting.
• Managed a team of 15 members in Global Customer Analytics and Campaign Operations space to cater to the business demands.
• Weekly, Monthly project status reporting with steering committee of the project to assess the cost and resource utilization in the project

4. Billing Solution Implementation for a Leading Indian Telco Infrastructure Organization
Senior Process and Domain Consultant at Infosys August 2009 – April 2010
Project Brief:
The project caters to the demand of automation in billing operation of a telecom infrastructure organization operating in Indian subcontinent. It is a telecom tower company that provides tower and necessary infrastructure services to various Indian telecom operators. The project was crafted to provide software solution on billing operation. Along with that, the project provided solution in O&M, Payment Management, Settlements and Dunning Process solution in infrastructure billing area.

Roles and Responsibility:
• Conducted AS- IS process study of the existing billing ecosystem and Interacted with different business function to understand the billing and invoicing operation
• Assessed the legacy billing system used by client organization and proposed a new billing solution for client’s telecom tower business
• Lead a team of ten people from Infosys, and vendor at onsite to provide the proposed solution (As part of Managed Services)
• Formulated new business process for Rental Billing, Revenue Collection, Energy Billing, and Operation & Maintenance Billing of telecom towers.
• Designed Solution, reviewed the solution with business sponsor and vendor for ensuring quality at par excellence
• Framed SOW, SLA Terms & Conditions of the project execution model with client on behalf of the delivery manager.
• Regular status update with project planning to achieve the production Go-Live within stipulated cost and schedule

5. Process Formulation in CRM and Service Fulfillment for a Leading African Telco Operator
Process and Domain Consultant at Infosys Jan 2009 – July 2009
Project Brief:
This project was initiated by a leading Middle east telecom group which acquired a new telecom operation business in African subcontinent. This project was targeted to provide process deployment for their new acquired business in Customer Acquisition, service fulfillment, and warranty management area. In the course of the project, numerous processes have been defined in the above stated areas along with documentation.

Roles and Responsibility:
• Involved in requirement gathering and analysis for a leading African telecom organization
• Conducted stakeholder workshop and collected AS-IS system processes for telecom service fulfillment and after-sales areas
• Created different telecom service fulfillment and warranty management processes for Ghana and Nigeria telecom operation.
• Coordinated with CRM, Billing and Service Provisioning teams to define customer acquisition processes, claim settlement process, Adjudication and supplier chargeback process
• Conducted review session on process definition and optimization along with KPI identification exercise with client business managers for service fulfillment and WM function.
• Created process documentation for all of the newly formulated processes such as Customer Order Journey, Telecom Service Activation, and Warranty Management area
• Presented the new processes to the business sponsor for approval and suggested the process roadmap for future 6 months.

6. Business Analysis on SLA Management Reporting for a Leading UK Telecom Operator
Business Analyst at Infosys Sep 2007 – Nov 2008
Project Brief:
A leading UK telecom operator provides various communication services to its customer (Usually in B2B parlance). For all its client the telecom operator undergo into a mutual contractual agreement with its client to provide certain service level assurance. This project was meant to define and monitor service level KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the telecom network services which is used by the business subscriber. This was a service level reporting project which was designed and developed by Infosys for the customers of the leading telecom operator.

Roles and Responsibility:
• Participated in requirement elicitation exercise for SLA Management and reporting activity for a leading UK telecom operator.
• Communicated with different stakeholders of the business to get the requirement of reports and metrics used for management reporting
• Transformed the business user needs into IT specific requirements
• Communicated with offshore project team mates to make them understand about the requirements
• Created Use Cases and UML diagram to depict the business scenarios of proposed solution and conducted review sessions with client business analyst
• Involved in KPI identifying exercise and configuring KPI for service level tracking using Digital Fuel SLA package.
• Created test plan, test strategy, and functional test cases for the reporting solution.
• Involved in UAT and business user for roll out of new solution in various functions of client across different geographies

7. Enterprise Dashboard Reporting for a Leading US Product Organization
Business Analyst at Wipro technologies Sep 2004 – Jun 2005
Project Brief:
This project was executed for a leading US software product company. The project was an enterprise dashboard internal to Microsoft to assess the business growth related KPIs with its Partners in quarter on quarter basis. All details related to growth KPI (Key Performance Indicator) like revenue achievement contributed by partner, potential opportunity of future revenue from each partner, Categorization of Partners, Key focus area of technology according to partner etc. across different geographical locations

Roles and Responsibility:
• Participated in requirement gathering exercise for determining of the key parameters and its derivation formulae from the customer.
• Created test plans, test cases for various type of testing and conducted test review exercise to communicate the testing methodologies, logged test results and followed up with development team till its closure.
• Anchored status update meeting with customer on daily and weekly basis. Participated in triage meetings to prioritize the critical bug fixes.

8. Knowledgebase Authoring for a Leading US Product Organization
Systems Engineer at Wipro technologies Sep 2003 – Aug 2005

Project Brief:
The project involved research and development in software product portfolios in UI, Application Server, and Database technologies. This project was aimed to develop contents on troubleshooting of any problem in the corresponding software products, or to provide users a new solution to cater their business problem in terms of HOW To articles. User guidance in showcasing the best practices of programming in respective products and publish them in customer knowledge base site for sample guide and reference to product users

Roles and Responsibility:
• Interacted with technology architect team of the product organization to discuss product related limitations and way to achieve business requirement of the product users through normal or workaround process
• R&D of on the products for creating contents, Publishing HOW TO articles for business requirement translation into IT jargons.

9. Customer Service and Support Application Testing for a Leading US Product Company
Systems Engineer at Wipro technologies Dec 2002 – Aug 2003

Project Brief:
This project is an IT maintenance project related to the customers of the client organization. This project heavily involved customer related data management like customer registration, customer financial details like credit card information, subscription information, credit limit information along with customer transactions with the client corporation. The project was dealing with enhancement and maintenance of the data for reporting
Roles and Responsibility:
• Created test plan, test cases for various transactions, subscription testing etc.
• Execution of test cases and defect logging into the test center for business sponsor review
• Attended triage meetings to prioritize the critical defects for urgent fix in the application.
• Application testing the production environment to confirm the functionality compliance of the application.