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Leah Kerr

Freelance Graphic Designer & Writer

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
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I graduated from a Multimedia Design course at Westside Technical School a year ago, and have been working full-time as a graphic designer in a small Winter Garden sign shop since then. My hours (and thus my pay) have recently been cut back from full to part time, so I am looking for freelance or other part time work to supplement my income.

I am highly proficient with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, as well as GNU Image Manipulator (a free alternative to Photoshop, with slightly different tools and abilities), able to operate Windows, Mac, or Linux computers, and type 50 words per minute. I have a working knowledge of how signs, business cards, flyers, and postcards are produced and how to tailor my designs to the physical limitations (such as scale and distance it will be seen from) of a given assignment.

In addition to graphic design, I am an artist; primarily my drawings are of a fantasy/horror nature, though I also occasionally draw fan-art. I have, on my own time and purely for fun, designed book covers, movie posters, dvd cases and game cases in addition to my drawings. I've also recently gotten into digital painting techniques. I've never made any money off my drawings; art for me has always been a hobby - but, it's a hobby that I've been steadily and constantly working to be better and better at for sixteen years now.

My other primary hobby is writing; I'm primarily a fiction writer, and currently working on both a full-length high fantasy novel and series of urban fantasy short stories/novellas that I hope to publish. Though fiction is where my main interest lies, I'm also proficient at writing essays, critiques, and reviews, and have some experience proofreading and editing friends' writings. I have never made money off my writing, either, since a great deal of it has been fan work. I did, however, win an award for an original poem - it was entered into the Mahatma Ghandi Art & Essay Contest, where it won second prize out of over 2,000 entries.
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