Dorin Kaaya

Freelance Graphic Designer & Brochure Designer

Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States
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PROFILE * A dynamic graphic arts professional who possesses strong creative flair and refined aesthetic
sense repeatedly demonstrated in print media and computer graphics utilized in the production
of various collateral brochures and web site designs.
* A disciplined yet flexible individual with a strong work ethic accustomed to working in an environment where time management is a priority, productivity is paramount and multi-tasking is the norm. Highly organized, detail oriented and results driven.
* Well-trained eye for gradation, symmetry, distortion, continuity and creative impact, both finite and abstract demonstrated in all forms of graphic and multimedia artwork. Special finesse includes depicting subtle and overt anachronism and contrast.
* Comprehensive knowledge of computerized color profiling, retouching, color correction, matching and standardizing tones, photo composing, and flatbed scanning.
* Windows, OS, Mac OSX; Indesign, Adobe Illustrator CS 5 & Photoshop CS 5 and QuarkXpress.
* Bilingual--Fluent and literate in English and Swahili.

11/12-04/12 Calabash Consortium New York, NY
Graphic Design Volunteer
* Produce two program Lookbooks which detail the work Calabash Consortium perform.
* Checks to ensure maximum quality and consistency.
* Expert eye for detail and consistency; no detail is too small or insignificant.
* Knowledge of correct typography using kerning, tracking and special characters.
* Retouch or manipulate images as requested.
* Create engaging layouts using provided text and photos.

6/05-10/11 Free Lance New York, NY
Graphic Designer
* Create, update and maintain multiple layouts and websites for numerous clients.
* Design graphics, logos and layouts for websites, as well as wedding invitations, table placesetting cards, mailing/shipping labels and CD labels.
* Apply graphic design principles to produce innovative print documents.

9/08-11/08 Innovative Designs New York, NY
Graphic Designer
* Dealt with license art for branded entertainment media productions, e.g. High School Musical, Princess, Hanna Montana, Carz; placed logos and images on collateral stationery merchandise wrappers appealing to elementary school-age youngsters (ages 3-12) such as theme or composition book covers, binder and file covers, as well as sleeves for pens/pencils, erasers, pencil, sharpeners, compass boxes, rulers, etc.
* Create packaging concept for theme books, pencils, rulers, and compass boxes, etc.

8/05-4/08 Delta Children’s Product (Formerly Delta Enterprise) New York, NY
Graphic Designer
* Collaborated with a full team of designers to execute design layouts and printouts for furniture sampling.
* Managed workflow and deadlines.
* Transformed initial art sketch ideas in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to final products for presentation, sales and factory production.
* Worked with licensed style outlet.

1/03-8/04 Fitness Magazine New York, NY
Graphic Design Intern
* Coordinated with art directors on designing magazine layouts.
* Scanned, retouched and cropped images.
* Helped organize the magazine printouts on the board according to the magazine's template.
* Revised editorial layouts.

7/02-4/03 The City College of New York (CCNY) New York, NY
Web Designer
* Redesigned current pages of the CCNY library website.
* Photographed images and updated information on the library website.

12/01-6/02 The City College of New York (CCNY) New York, NY
Telemarketer - Alumni Office

EDUCATION The City College of New York (CCNY - CUNY) New York, NY
5/05 B.F.A., Electronic Design & Multimedia

2002 Black Alumni Group Scholarship
2003 and 2004 Juried Exhibition in CCNY Art Gallery
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Graphic Design
Brochure Design