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Kelly Williams

Freelance Song Writer & Singer

Location:Franklin, Tennessee, United States
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I started singing when I was around 5 years old. Singing in churches and meeting other female singers led to forming a quartet in my late teen years. I also wrote lots of poetry growing up which led to writing songs many years later. Eventually, all of this singing and songwriting culminated when my husband and I formed Soul SisterSally around 2008. We released our first full length album, Ready To Go, in late 2011. Most of the songs I have written over the years have been with SSS in mind due to the jazzy/funky/r&b nature of our band. These are my genres of choice. However, I have written and enjoy writing other types of songs when I feel so inspired or when an opportunity presents itself. I love being challenged and constantly trying to be a better writer and vocalist. I prefer to write songs that uplift and encourage and offer hope to those who are hurting. I love God, my family, and others. My 37 years may have brought hope, hurt, joy, pain, and every imaginable emotion - but with each circumstance - good or bad - has come a lesson I refuse to keep to myself.
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