Wyatt Oakley

Freelance Voiceover Freelancer & Narrator

Location:Rio Rancho, New Mexico, United States
2 Skills
Wyatt has that voice that flows friendly and approachable...like a great neighbor you always like to talk to over the fence. He also brings a sense of trust and authority... like someone solid and handy you would call on for help.

Wyatt's rugged Dad and guy next door quality gives a sense of home town comfort that everything will be alright. But if the chips are turned and the law needs to be laid down, the weather can quickly change to "this is how things are".

The bunkhouse is a professionally built recording studio using Adobe Audition for editing and all kinds of top grade gear are in the toolbox. And there's no running away from the excellent customer service and quick turnaround you get with your visit. Phone patch service is available and ISDN with 48 hours advanced notice of your session.

My voice is friendly, trustworthy, authoritative, approachable, happy, fun, upbeat, positive, non announcer, fatherly, natural, genuine, caring, guy next door, generation x, thoughtful, animated, confident, believable.
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