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Mel Rosado

Freelance Artist, Illustrator, & More

Location:Waco, Texas, United States
Phone: 7543008984
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I'm a Self Taught Artist, Illustrator, Original Content & Concept art creator, working in Mixed Medium. One who ponders the philosophical mysteries of the universe translating those mysteries in my own artistic language.
Creating Covers(Book, Comic books, CD, Magazine, etc.), Portraits, Web/Comics and Pin-up art are a passion, As well as any Inspired piece.

Art's power comes from who appreciates it, it'll make you feel a certain way, you'll see things in a different light, it'll make you smile, makes you think, opens a new world of imagination, some Art gives peace, love, hope, sorrow, pain, a verity of emotions that makes us Human. and isn't that what makes us who we are, our ability to express all this, thus making creative release the purest form of expressing our Humanity.

Any commission is always welcomed as this is my livelihood. Price is always negotiable by difficulty of project, always flexible; creating Art and to express creativity is my reward most of all.