Christian Rabanes

Freelance Drawer & Comic Artist

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
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- I am a self taught artist since 5 years old, but have taken courses in both illustration and graphic arts at a college level.
- My influences range from comic books, animation, videography, music, and photography, all of which I have some skills and knowledge.
- If I were to sum up my resume today, it would mostly be filled with my own personal projects along with others that I worked on as gifts for friends and family. Nonetheless, all have been crafted in a professional manner and countless late night hours just to meet the desired results and deadlines. Basically, I'm familiar with what it takes to work on a project from beginning to end and I am very keen on making sure to involve the client(s) to a certain degree to avoid miscommunications and to produce quality results efficiently.
- Samples of my work can be made available upon request.
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Comic Art