Freelance Anime Artist & Children's Book Writer

Location:Salem, Massachusetts, United States
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I'm eighteen years old; fresh out of high school looking for a new edge. I've taken many creative writing courses and have been praised for my vivid imagination. I'm not fond of non-fiction or journalism. The facts are bland; so if you're looking for a reporter then look elsewhere. My passion is and will always be fantasy. Things like mythology, animals, romance and drama will forever pique my interest. As a writer, I'm very **** about grammar, spelling and sentence structure. You could say it's a personal pet peeve of mine.

I'm an anthropomorphic artist in my spare time. When I'm not punching in keys, my hands assume their second favorite position; grasping a pencil. I've been drawing since I could pick up a pencil. I'm a lover of furry creatures. Watch me slap my affection on paper.