John Kasuboski

Freelance Creative Writer & Fiction Writer

Location:Aurora, Colorado, United States
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I am a Freelance Writer looking for employment. I will accept a wide range of jobs, whether it be for a small personal project, all the way to something like writing a comic, script, story, character development, etc.

I will write almost anything you need, whether it be character development for something, a story for one piece in a project, to a full out plot and successive story line. I will write almost any kind of fiction, and fiction is what I am used to writing. Anything from mystery to Sci-Fi, fantasy, fringe fiction or a mix of them all. You need dialogue? I can do that too.

I also do write music and poetry as well. If you need a poem for any reason, or maybe even for a special someone or just a friend or family member, I can piece something together for you. If you can make music, but don't know the words to express what you are trying to get across, I can help there too. If you really want, I can also compose music itself for you.

I have many interests and like to get to know a bit about my employers, since it better helps me to make something that not only the world will enjoy, but also you can appreciate. I will give you time, if you see fit to give me a job. I am ready to go when you are.
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Creative Writing
Fiction Writing