Mohamed Humad

Freelance Arabic Translator & Medical Translator

Location:Des Moines, Iowa, United States
2 Skills

Address: 1509 NW 93rd, WDM, IA, 50266 Phone: 515-771-3196

Career Objective: To be granted admissions to medical school in order to advance my career as a physician, and apply the knowledge granted to help humanity..

Education: School: Iowa State University Ames, Iowa
Degree: BS Biochemistry Graduation: August 2010

Windsor University Chicago , IL
Degree MD Graduation:2014

School: DMACC Dsm, Iowa
Major: AS/AA
Graduation: May 2006

School: Ames High School Ames,IA

Technical Knowledge: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Gas Chromatography , HPLC, Spectrophotometers , Gel electrophoresis , NMR , Nanodrop , DNA vector analysis, spss20 .

Work Experience:

Bickford Assisted Living of Ames January 2001- May 2002
Ames, Iowa
· volunteered to provide care for residents, with daily life tasks

Cairo University Faculty of Medicine August 2007-Present
Shadowed Dr. Ranya A Rahman Cairo, Egypt
· Supported the surgical team leaded by Dr Ranya, and observed surgical procedures such as GSW ,cardiothoracic surgeries, and functional neurosurgeries .
. Observed autopsies

. Developer of the Sudanese community 2005
Activities: . Captain of the Ames Soccer Club 2004
. Iowa State Soccer Club 2007-present
. Member of DREAMS , which is an organization for guiding the youth from certain communities to stay positive , and fight against drugs , and alcoholism.

Languages: Arabic, Fluent
English, Fluent