Jessica K. McConaha

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Location:Metter, Georgia, United States
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I am a Spontaneous Idealist. I am random and quirky, enthusiastic, intense, weirdly amusing and rarely dull. My interests seem to change on a whim and this reason is why I have decided that my talents should be used for helping people. This will keep everything fresh and interesting.

Despite the fact that my interests (passions...obsessions?) seem to change very rapidly, at the drop of a hat even, that is not actually the case. Just because one specific interest has seemed to fizzle out doesn't mean that it has. Instead, the truth is that the hurricane of my mind has swept up this new idea, thought process, way of life...with such furious abandon that it has wholly consumed the basic concept, cramming my mind full of as much information as possible in the shortest time span allowed, but has left the details scattered about like rubble for me to go back and sort through at my leisure, leaving room for me to undertake my next task with intense focus & passion.

My hope is in joining this site that I will find like minded people to work with projects on who share similar interests as myself and that together we will create something beautiful.
Because it will be the first steps I take to bringing a little order to this beautiful chaos inside of my mind.

I am a newbie writer seeking some entry level ghost writing jobs. I have nothing published under my belt & I hope this isn't too frowned upon because I am fully capable of undertaking any task that I choose and making it work. I'd also love to get involved in jobs that require character bios, as well as more in depth character customization/creation. I also am capable and interested in article writing on subjects that involve childcare, parenting, pets, animals, movies, tv, books, music,food, culinary arts, green living, religion, the supernatural and new age topics.
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