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Vitamin B12: Can It Help Dementia?
By Gary Kent Boyd
Expert Author Gary Kent Boyd
Dementia is a medical specific term that means an in general loss of cognitive memory, attention span, language, and the ability to solve problems. In some causes the condition is reversible, in others, like Alzheimer's, it is not because of the actual destruction of the brain cells. Going back to the medical literature in the 60's very few cases of Alzheimer's dementia were known. So what is going on with this current explosion of dementia in our time?
When looking for answers we must look at what has changed in our society today that was not present prior to 1960. Well there has been a definite exposure to toxins that have infiltrated our ground water and waterways. There is a more heavy concentration today to eat more fatty fried foods using aluminum pans and aluminum has been found to accumulate in the brain causing adverse effects. There has also been changes in vaccination policy along with certain learned knowledge that has been ignored in medical practice today. All of the above have contributed mightily it is believed by the experts but there is one specific factor that becomes quite interesting because it concerns what doctors are practicing today.
Practices & Profit
There has been a concerted effort today by the modern medical community to curb interest in alternative treatments such as vitamins, minerals, supplements, and the use of natural herbs. The so called medical term "evidence based" used by the healthcare industry implies that any spots of knowledge that might help in the treatment or cure in the medical field if not approved by them according to their research should be regarded as quackery.
The Healthcare Industry
The healthcare industry, as it stands today, chases the almighty dollar and according to their rules of engagement there is more room for profit in treatments then there is in cures. Thus the chasing after of new profits from new drugs in the pharmaceutical industry to hit on a new patent that will spit out profits while not being soundly researched and not looked at closely by the FDA.
B -12 Shots
After Word War 2 when soldiers starting returning home because of poor diet in the service some were given vitamin B -12 shots to perk up their energy and get them out of the doldrums. It was a very common practice also for the elderly to receive regular B -12 shots when deficiencies were noted at least once a month. B -12 vitamin shots were noted for their increase in energy, relief from depression, mental acuity, and overall feelings of good will. However, at the start of the 60's the so called evidence based medical community elite came to their own conclusions that there was absolutely no evidence for this beneficial practice to continue simply on their say so.
Chose to Ignore
What the elite chose to ignore was true evidence that most older people, especially in their mid 60's, develop a deficiency in vitamin B -12, a vitamin that is very necessary in the elderly for essential metabolic functions, specifically in the brain and heart. In early studies almost 50% of the elderly still living in the community and 80% living in nursing homes were deficient in the vitamin B -12.
Through astute observation it is apparent that the healthcare community is more consumed with shaking down the elderly for profits, using them as pharmaceutical tests for their new patented drugs, then it is trying to find cures for dementia related to Alzheimer's.
Five Year Study
A noted study done in England by the University of Oxford over the last five years shows that when there is a low level of vitamin B -12 in the brain in the elderly there is a form of brain shrinkage (atrophy) that happens. When this took place the B -12 deficiency did not even have to be severe in order for this to occur. It was observed that this type of atrophy to the brain is a very significant indicator of difficulties in the future with language, memory, and orientation.
New Vitamin B -12
The new form of vitamin B -12, that is more compatible with the body, can be taken under the tongue in doses of 5,000 to 10,000 mg a day. There is no known toxicity for vitamin B -12 at any given dose. To escape the onset of dementia the evidence that the University of Oxford points to is regular and sustained ingestion of vitamin B -12 for continued mental health for the brain.
It has been general knowledge for years that as you grow older your body does not absorb vitamins and mineral like it did when you were younger. Finding a good nutrient dense multivitamin with an excellent antioxidant formula that is specifically designed to support energy production, heart health, eye health, and healthy digestion should be the goal of everyone that is concerned about staying healthy when you reach the golden years. It would appear those old country doctors of bygone days apparently knew what they were talking about.
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The Myth of Global Warming
By Gary Kent Boyd
Expert Author Gary Kent Boyd
The very first myth that the earth is warming is that all scientists agree that it is, which is absolutely not the facts. A poll recently taken states that 83% believe that global warming is not taking place and only 17% do. So all scientists do not agree the earth is warming and have data to prove what they believe are the facts. Global satellite data is the best way to measure global warming to check climate measurements. The satellite data, so far to date, since 1979 has shown no measurable increases or any evidence to show that the globe is warming. In fact, the earth experienced a far greater warming period between the 10th and 15th centuries that was designated as the Medieval Warming Period then is happening today.
Medieval Warming Period
The time between the 10th and 15th centuries was a time of unusually warm weather and continued until the 15th century when a cold period know as the "Little Ice Age" appeared. The warmer climate resulted in a remarkable increase of prosperity, knowledge, and new art forms in Europe. Agriculture thrived, marshes and swamps dried up, eliminating breeding grounds for mosquitoes that was spreading malaria and killing the population off at the time. Former wetlands were converted to productive farmland that help reduce infant mortality and increase the population that had been devastated by disease before this time. It is estimated that the European population increased to approximately 60 million at the end of this warm period.
Vikings moved from Iceland to Greenland to colonize it and built settlements in Canada. Greenland prosperity reached its height in the later part of the 12th century and the start of the 13th centuries, when over 3,000 colonists occupied over 280 farms. The settlers experienced difficulty in the late 14th century at the beginning of the "Little Ice Age" cooling. The settlements were finally abandoned in the 15th century when it had become too cool to raise any crops. The warming that humanity is experiencing today is simply the result of the emergence from "the Little Ice Age", which was close to the time of the founding of our nation.
Scare Tactics
Of course the irony of all these global warming scare tactics is that a slightly warmer climate with an increase in carbon dioxide (plants thrive on carbon dioxide) is actually very beneficial to the earth, as opposed to having a negative effect. Economic studies, done by economics professor Robert O. Mendelsohm of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, have demonstrated that moderate warming and higher carbon dioxide levels will increase the total value of all final goods and services (GNP), and will increase standards of living, primarily by improving agriculture and forestry. Homes in the North could have heating fuel savings, farmers in Canada could become richly supplied with cod and oil riches, shippers could rely upon an Arctic shortcut between the Atlantic and the Pacific, and forests could expand making available more wood for construction while lowering the price at the same time. This is the conclusion of part one.
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