Luis Andrade

Freelance Video Editor & Real Estate Photographer

Location:New York, New York, United States
2 Skills
A highly talented Photographer with over 8 years of experience
in providing specialized digital photographic and routine
conventional assistance and creativity at producing and
preserving images that paint a picture, tell a story, and record an

Summary of Qualifications
• Over 8 years of solid experience.
• Excellent broad knowledge of photographic processes, methods
and new technologies.
• Strong knowledge and ability to use a variety of cameras and
equipment, including large format, medium format and
35mm, copy stand, electronic strobe, continuous lighting
and diffusers.
• Ability to clean, care for and store photographic equipment and
lenses in accordance with accepted practices and policies.
• In-depth ability to perform basis repairs on photographic
equipment and perform basic computer repair and
maintenance of Macintosh computer image capture system.
• Remarkable ability to complete photographic assignments using
digital cameras, Macintosh computers and operating
system, and database computer applications to produce
digital images of the gallery's collections.
• Excellent knowledge of the computerized processes and
systems that are used to scan or digitally capture images
onto CD's, DVD's and other media such as hard drives or
Zip drives.
• Uncommon knowledge of methods and issues related to using a
variety of digital scanners and printers and other devices
such as CD/DVD Burners, Zip drives or external drives.
• Sound ability to judge and correct digital prints and proofs for
color, contrast and density when compared to original
objects or transparencies and to use computer accessories
and techniques to modify color, color balance and contrast
of photographic images.
• Excellent knowledge of computerized processes that are used
to scan photographic media (slides, transparencies and
film) to produce digital images on photo compact discs
(CD's) and the specialized software applications
(Photoshop, Toast, Phase One) used to manipulate, save
and print images stored on photo CD's.
• Unmatchable ability to use cross platform computers and
operating systems and graphic and imaging applications,
including extensive knowledge of PhotoShop.
• Excellent team player; flexible and able to work independently
and collaboratively.
• Demonstrated ability to organize time and schedules efficiently.
Professional Experience
Photographer II
• Photograph 3-D objects, radiographs and reflected materials,
specimens, clinical and scientific equipment, human and
clinical subjects to produce Black & White and Color
transparencies and prints.
• Using a digital camera; capture radiographs, faculty & resident
portraits and public relations images for reproduction and
slide presentations.
• Provide assistance for digital services including slide film
recording, image manipulation and scanning, CD burning,
and digital printing using a variety of software packages
and computer hardware.
• Plan, schedule and execute all aspects of conventional
photography including 'on-location' procedures and clinical
• Formulate and conduct proper testing protocols and sequencing
to determine required results for new products or trouble
shooting for existing methods.
• Monitor and assess color balance and make proper color
correction adjustments for slides and various digital output
• Perform routine file transfer tasks including image transfers
from FTP servers and LAN networks. Perform some
administrative tasks on departmental computer based
imaging systems.
• Monitor, check and error logs on backup systems and database
server when needed.
• Maintain and perform basic repairs on photographic equipment.
Maintain darkroom chemistry, photographic materials and
supply inventory.
• Consulted with gallery staff to gather information about gallery
projects and developed an understanding of the technical
and artistic objectives of a project. Determined appropriate
techniques and methods as well as time needed to
complete assignments and projects.
• Exercised artistic sensitivity and skill to plan the composition,
lighting, background and color values of each assignment.
• Handled and moved fragile and irreplaceable objects during the
set up, production states and strike.
• Judged and corrected digital prints and proofs for color,
contrast and density when compared to original objects or
• Used computer accessories and techniques to modify the color,
color balance, contrast and background of photographic
• Kept apprised of advancement in the field and advised
management of the applications of new technology and how
the technology will shape working methods and procedures
in the future.
Assistant Photographer
• Worked with digital images on Mac-based systems including
organizing, editing, toning, captioning, transmitting, etc.
• Archived digital images.
• Assisted the department's photography Staff on photo shoots.
• Work with clients of photography services.
• Worked as a team with other campus departments.