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B David Ferrel

Freelance Writer & Editor

Location:Sacramento, California, United States
Phone: 916-760-8438
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I am in the market for a wide-range of freelance positions. The description of duties fits my experience along with basic personality perfectly.

English grammar has been my strength throughout grade school as well as college, as my transcripts would show; Content and Research Analysis holds a close second. I have experience in all other journalist / writing positions as well (magazine, published journal, and newspaper): reporter, editorial teamwork, and of course in-depth research. I have quite rounded experience in the field, as I can still be considered a relatively recent college graduate (B.A. in English, CSU Stanislaus 2006).


Seeking a position in which to utilize my academic knowledge and skill experience while exceeding the expectations of the organization. 
Bachelor of Arts degree in English (2006)
California State University, Stanislaus    Turlock, CA

Writer; Editor; (Administrative Functions) experience in team editing, content coordinator, content editor, copy editor, editorial assistant, marketing editor, and staff writer. Computer Skills: word processing, create and maintain spreadsheets, prepare PowerPoint presentations. Familiarity: Microsoft Word, Excel, and Internet.

Currently Published Writing Samples

Published Free-Lance Editorial Writer
Current: Freelance Academic Writer / Sample Correspondent 
Sydney Adams                    Online         3/2011 to Current
Experience: Academic Writer.

Academic Writer / Sample Correspondent
Jill                                              Online                         1/2009 to 4/2011
Experience: Academic Writer.

Transcriptionist and Editor 
Dr. Bob Segalman                        Sacramento, CA                        4/2008 to 2/2011
Experience: Dr. Bob Segalman pioneered Speech-to-Speech (STS), which is available for business, medical, and personal communication and provides communication assistants (CAs) for people with speech disabilities who have difficulty being understood by the public on the telephone.  

Current: Collaborative Efforts
Uche Ozoh, President of ACF Copyeditor

Experience: the African Cultural Festival (ACF), a 501(c) nonprofit organization, has a simple yet powerful objective: to better integrate African-Americans socially; to speak as one voice to promote African arts, culture, and heritage together in the Diasporas. Definition: “Throughout human history people have moved across national borders. With the advent of globalization, they are now moving in record numbers in search of greater security or better livelihoods. Diasporas have become an ever important and visible presence in the modern world. Their existence has sometimes resulted in violence and ethnic conflict, and on other occasions they have been peacefully assimilated into the culture and citizenship of their chosen country” (Milton Eastman. John S. Knight, Professor Emeritus of International Studies and Professor Emeritus of Government at Cornell University []). 

Other (previously constructed) online freelance articles
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*Though these are already some years old, these are websites that I provided and otherwise edited content for during my final year at the junior college (before gaining my Associate in Arts degree in English). Unlike several other small-town newspapers and online publications for which I had written freelance articles throughout those years (internships), these companies have not yet gone out of business. Throughout this past decade, upon gaining my Associate of Arts degree at Modesto Junior College (2001) and before graduation with my B.A., I had authored other single articles for a variety of other websites (other websites that no longer exist; Pen Name: B. David Ferrel)
Experience: Internships
Intern: Published Free-Lance Editorial Writer  
Administrative functions: team editing, content coordinator, content editor, copy editor, editorial assistant, marketing editor, and staff writer.
Atwater Times    Winton, CA
2/2005 to 4/2005                     John Derby

Intern: Journalist Assistant, Published Free-Lance Editorial Writer.
Administrative functions: content coordinator, content editor, and staff writer.
Delhi Times                                   Delhi, CA                         
4/2005 to 7/2005 Rebekah McCurdy      
Editorial Staff
Penumbra Editor: Book of poetry and short stories   
CSU, Stanislaus, CA (2004)              Turlock, CA                                      
Additional: Performed staff orientation and training, assisted with scheduling and preparation for finality celebration.
Other Academic and Professional references or writing samples from most any genre are available upon request.
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