John Baier

Freelance Mechanical Engineer & CAD Freelancer

Location:Smithfield, North Carolina, United States
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163 George Wilton Dr. John C. Baier
Clayton, NC. 27520 (919) 631-9172

Career Summary:
Mechanical design/ Engineer with over twenty five years of experience. Designs in machined
parts, castings, sheet metal, injection molding, vacuum, rotational molding and assemblies.
Background in medical equipment, ticket printers, antenna systems / consumer and industrial products, radar simulators, RF equipment and piping/fittings/valves and pumps. Also, high speed machines.

Work Experience:

4/13 – Present; Burlingame ind.
Mechanical design/Engineer. (Contract)
Product design, development. (SolidWorks) Currently designing a spill container for a petroleum tank shield. This includes a roto molded container, mechanical components using sheet metal, machined parts and modified castings. I will work with the molder and a machine shop to get this done.
9/12 – 1/13; Forthright Engineering Firm
Mechanical designer/Engineer. (Contract)
Product design, development and testing. Helped design components for an “E cigarettes” also a test fixture which is an electro/pneumatic/ mechanical device. Also, designed a gaming device which consists of sheet metal, machined parts and special hardware.

3/02-7/11; OPW Fueling Containment Systems (Environ)
Project design Engineer
Product and system design of piping, fittings, valves, containment units and sumps for gas stations. Also, various pumps and leak detection devices.
Designs include extruded coax piping with a primary and secondary and a interstitial space.
Couplings, valves and various fittings. Roto and vacuum molded tanks and sumps for containment. Also, I hold a patent on a coupling.
Other components and products that I designed include machined parts, castings, injected moldings and sheet metal. I performed testing on my projects and reports.
My work involved a team approach using a total cross functional team. Full documentation from
concept to production was also needed.
I worked with UL to perform various tests on new and revised products for certifications.
Included in my responsibilities, assemblies and system BOM’s, ECN’s, total manufacturing support and product development documentation from start to market. All designs using SolidWorks, 3D, Unigraphics, 3D (NX) and Autocad (2D).
**I hold a patent on a new product.

1/95-12/01; Channel Master
Project designer/Engineer
Product and system design of various antenna systems and reception equipment.
This includes consumer products such as roof top antennas, set top units, multifunction directors,
Multiswitches (gaming), connectors, hand held controls, amplifiers and splitters.
Designs include the use of thermal plastics, injection molded parts, castings/machined parts, stampings and mounts plus all the intermediate devices needed for a complete system.Materials include various copolymers, aluminum, zinc, sheet steel and thermoplastics, Duties also include team effort, complete documentation including ECN’s, BOM’s, concurrent engineering and manufacturing support. Field testing and packaging included. All designs using SolidWorks (3D) and Autocad (2D).
**I hold a patent on a new product.

2/92-12/94; American Sterilizer co.
Sr. Mechanical Designer
Product design and development of medical products, sterilizers, incubators and sterility assurance products.

6/88-9/91; Republic Electronics
Sr. Electro/Mechanical design/ Engr.
Product design, modify, packaging and drafting of radar simulators and test equipment for
the military.

5/85-6/88; MaCom- Microwave Power Devices
Electro/Mechanical designer
Layout work, design, detailing and modification of solid state RF amplifiers and power supplies.

6/83-5/85; Computer Terminal Systems
Mechanical designer
Detail, design and assembly work on ticket printers for the stock exchange and the airlines.

6/80-6/83; Foregger medical co.
Drafter/ Designer
Mechanical layouts and detailing on various parts and assemblies for anesthesia machines.

Farmingdale University, Farmingdale, NY. 1984-1988
Studied mechanical engineering technology and computer graphics. Associate degree. Island Technical institute, Amityville, NY. 1979-1981
Studied mechanical design and drafting. Certificate. Suffolk Community College, Selden, NY. 1978-1979 Studied mechanical design engineering. Certificate.
Centereach High school, Centereach, NY. 1974-1978
Studied mechanical design and drafting.

Recognition and certificates :
SolidWorks, 3D trained Unigraphic, 3D (NX) trained Certified ISO9000 auditor
HP9000 trained FMEA trained GD&T trained
Lean manufacturing Two patents Project management

I also have done design and drafting work at home using SolidWorks and Autocad.
Envicor: 1/17/12 – 4/12/12
Designed and drafted new products such as Mechanical oil tanks, Containment
Sheds, and an electric Utility vehicle (24Vdc) Using SolidWorks and Autocad.
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Mechanical Engineering