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Katherine Chapman

Freelance Animator & Artist

Location:Dorset, Bournemouth, United Kingdom
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I have always been extremely artistic and have been drawing and painting from a very young age.

At this time, I have just completed a degree in Model making for Design and Media where I obtained knowledge of all types of making as well as learning creative design.

I am a spiritual person who likes to communicate the inter-connectedness of all things but I have a passion for nature and the expression of beauty in my art.

Having a high level of intuition and being able to place myself into others positions, I am empathic and can see both sides of a problem easily.
I am a dedicated Yoga practitioner and believe that Yoga and breath is the path to a healthy and fulfilling life.

I treat all people from all walks of life with respect and compassion and my art is a dedication to the beauty of life. Whether it be a passionate and fiery orange and red explosion or a calming and serene blue green sweep, I pour my soul into each piece.

Recently I have discovered the joy of painting using abstract communication as I love the freedom of large movements.
My work is currently being exhibited across the country and there are pieces in galleries throughout the south and central UK.

Being a skilled portrait artist and sculptor I have an excellent eye for detail and accuracy as this was how I started my artistic career.
I have always had the ability to paint, draw and sculpt well and I have a natural flair for aesthetic quality.

I am taking commissions as from now. Please don't hesitate to contact me for an informal chat!
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