Lathena Vaught

Freelance Editor & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:Huntington, West Virginia, United States
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Lathena Vaught

I write stories and edit anything that can be perfected. I took three English classes which consist of creative writing, which I passed with 100 percent. I also took mythology and that involves reading the myths of each Greek god and goddesses and making up different endings and writing other things that create the history of some of the big things in mythology and an example is how each god and goddess became to what they are and what their name means.

1. I took a office management class that teaches you how to run a office. Also it helps work with computers and other software that helps manage everything that is needed in a working office.
2. I also have my certification in first aid and I have the card that shows that I passed and been certified to help in anything that consist of a crisis and need immediate help while waiting for the EMS.

I can read and write fast and fluently without troubles. Also I can write just about anything even if I have to research some of the facts.
Secondly, I learn and catch on pretty quick as I was told from my past teachers. Adding on to what I just said I also listen pretty well and can take notes on anything while someone is talking about it. Along with that I can take notes exceptionally well with short hand and written out.
Thirdly I can type 45 words per minute with a couple mistakes of having to backspace. I've done programs that time when you are typing and it mixes up different words and letters that is being typed.
Fourthly, I am great at getting a topic to research and doing a presentation on the subject with power point, word, excel, and a prezi. Although i can do those i can move forward and gather data and put into different charts and graph for compare and contrast.

I have not had a profit job but I have volunteer working the gates at the fair, writing down stats for the youth football league, and helped work concession. Furthermore, I have volunteered babysitting for others on non-profit.

Huntington High School
Graduating Year: 2014
Huntington WV U.S
I am still in high school and in grade 12, which is my last year before I graduate. I only need three and a half credits to reach my 24 credits that I
need to graduate.

Beverly Hills Youth Football League (2013 - present)