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MiZz FiXx

Freelance Photo Editor & Business Card Designer

Location:Towson, Maryland, United States
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Enhance your images with affordable, professional photo retouching and illustration. The camera may not always be kind, but the skilled hands of this Photoshop Wizard certainly are. I can work with you to take your professional photos to the next level, morph a mediocre snapshot into a masterpiece, design an eye-catching logo, comp card, zed card, or create a business card that is worthy of a frame!

Kristy Mox specializes in all things related to transformation.

She began her career in the fashion industry, first working as a hairstylist.
She then went on to attend Von Lee School of Aesthetics to study scientific skincare and make-up application.
While there, she developed an interest in special effects make-up techniques.
The art of visual transformation called to her, but the boom in technology ultimately lead to the industry-wide shift to computer graphics.
This change directed Kristy to a different medium of transformation via Photoshop.
As an artist, her ongoing love for visual arts and photography sparked her interest in photo-manipulation and graphic design.
After a few years of honing her skills, this self-taught Photoshop Wizard managed to turn her love of Photoshop into a career as MiZzFiXx, a freelance photo retoucher, illustrator, and graphic designer.
Through photography editing she is able to utilize her skills as a stylist and make-up artist digitally, giving her an edge over the competition.

Once she became a mother, her passions began to come to fruition.
Fitness has always been a huge part of her life, and baby number two gave her the aspiration to get back to her pre-pregnancy body, only better.
This goal then turned to an ambition to further expand her career into the fitness industry.
After becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Kristy implemented her growing fitness knowledge to transform her physique, outlook on body image, health and wellness.
She worked as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor to help others to do the same,.

Kristy’s love of transformation has grown over the years.
Her passion for photography, photo-manipulation, graphic design, and fitness truly exemplify the woman she is today, and they inspire her to combine all these facets into her growing career.