Rhonda Peterson

Freelance Business Card Designer & Flyer Designer

Location:Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
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In the world I have been an accountant, secretary, child development teacher/therapist and, consultant. The position I'm most proud of his mother, grandmother, and great grandmother of two little ones. I would also like to think I was a good daughter, wife and friend. Now after retiring early for a little over ten years I have worked as a consultant, small business owner turning hobbies into my business and enjoying every minute. I feel very grateful for the blessing I have been afforded in my life. . I take very little for granted, I like simple things as a butterfly flying around, ocean breeze across my face and a special occasion in which I can get dressed up and go out. Taking time to smell the roses is one of things I try to do everyday, being thankful and trying to be a good person/the best I can be and if I can help someone in some small way I do.