Willie Johnson Jr

Freelance Music Arranger & Music Composer

Location:New Haven, Connecticut, United States
2 Skills
Willie Johnson Jr
99 Clifton St.
New Haven, CT 06513-3318

• To secure a position where my positive personality and excellent customer service skills can help to increase customer satisfaction and keep the company's brand positive in customers minds
• To obtain a customer service position at a top-notch company and utilize the skills I have obtained through previous work experience.
• To bring to your organization enthusiasm, dedication, responsibility, and good work ethic, combined with a desire to utilize my skills obtained through experience.
Wilbur Cross High School | 2003-2007
• Completed Prep Band Class
• Completed Concert Band
• Completed Jazz Ensemble
Professional Experience
Prime Keyboardist | 2001-2012
St Matthews UFWB Church | 400 Dixwell Ave, New Haven CT 06511
• Shared musical ideas to the fellow musicians on a regular basis
• Accompanied the senior musicians with background music on their musical numbers
• Developed a good set of improvisational skills
• Mastered the complexity and unity of playing with an advanced band from an early age

Organist/Keyboardist |2009 - 2010
Calvary Temple Christian Center | 319 Barnum Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06608
• Communicated with the fellow musicians, without losing focus in a song or cue
• Checked instruments prior to starting service if necessary tuning, adjusting or maintenance is to be done
• Gave youth musicians one on one lessons.
• Worked in the Youth ministry bake sales

Prime Organist | 2006-2009
Pitts Chapel UFWB | 64 Brewster St, New Haven, CT 06511
• Provide the congregation with a Baptist-style traditional hymnal
• Showed enthusiast and interest throughout the service from beginning to end
• Checked instruments prior to starting service if necessary tuning, adjusting or maintenance is to be done.
• Rehearsed at the time and day given, with preparedness to perform the songs assigned.

Prime Keyboardist/ Minister of Music | 2005-2006
Old Ship of Zion | (Lower Level) 165 Logan St, Bridgeport, CT 06607
• Distributed compact discs of music to the fellow musicians if necessary for past or future songs
• Developed an understanding of where the pastor wants his vision to go in the music department
• Communicated with the choir directors prior to each song selection
• Flexibility, energy, and ability to learn concepts.
• Very clean individual
• High degrees of self-motivation- practice without supervision, and strong adherence to time on better serving companies
• Profound ability to listen to suggestions during as well as an excellent team member when time to work
• Excellent ability to respond quickly to verbal directions and aural cues.
• Excellent organizational skills.
• Profound ability to communicate concepts and instructions clearly.