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Pam Fitzgerald

Freelance Nature Photographer & Outdoor Photographer

Location:Bellmawr, New Jersey, United States
Phone: 609-225-2710
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My choice of subject comes from my love of the outdoors and is fuelled by an impetuous desire to partake in the beauty that unfolds around me.
I am inspired to compose by the colors of nature, while I use the changing light of day to change the mood of my work.
I photograph mostly Nature, because it is so pure. No need for excessive editing. I want to be out enjoying the world, not indoors trying to change and cover it.
There is a beautiful balance in the world around us, but we fail to see it everyday. We rush through our space not seeing anything important.
The more we can capture some of this beauty on print and place it around us in offices, buildings, even our homes it brings us just a bit closer to not missing out on the beauty around us.