Charles B Reynolds

Freelance Editor & Blog Writer

Location:Pennsylvania, United States
Phone: 570-228-0805
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I am a writer. I am an editor. I am good.

I could paste my resume, and you will see I have an eclectic background in both - as well as being a musician and songwriter. But my resume is just dates and careers and just like anyone else. If you want to know what I can do for you - whether you need a book edited or a song written or whatever - then you just need to ask me. If you still want my resume, I can send that.

However, you'll get more information by just doing a web search on my name, "Charles B Reynold" and add after that "writer" or "editor" or "blogger". If you want to know about me musically, then its a little more complicated. Look for "Charlie Reynolds" and "ReverbNation".

But otherwise, just ask. You won't be sorry. Did I mention I was good?
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Blog Writing