Sheree Monet

Freelance Artist & Drawer

Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
Phone: 12242003470
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As a transported native of Illinois, I have a daily opportunity to record on canvas, and write about life as it surrounds me. Since childhood, I've admired the conflicts and joys that life has to offer. Being raised in an orphanage, to being raised by Grandparents, who loving gave me all they had to offer, upon my untimely arrival to O'Hare Airport in Beautiful Chicago originating from Atlanta, Georgia back in September, 1965.

My focus is on capturing the celebrations of life around me, also, I illustrate my view on politics, conflicts, and Humanity. My work has taken on the role of documenting life in motion. Mostly Acrylic medium, when I paint, on various subjects, like the following – A Carousel horse breaking free, Young men enjoy a night at the Beach, a Celestial Sun, World Trade Center in all it's glory, Several trees in a variety of Seasons, A Beautiful ****, Lovers on a Boat, Killer Whales leaping out of the Alaskan waters, A huge Grizzly Bear, Hyenas dancing, a Broken hearted young woman, Collapsing bowling pins being struck, A distraught American soldier's haunting gaze, a Beautiful young Geisha. Then there's Running of the Bulls in Spain, Cardinals, singing on a winter tree branch, A man on a beach with his board, walking, A Bird feeder, early in the morning, by the light of a street lamp, as well as several abstracts to numerous to mention here.

All of the paintings have a story to tell the viewer. I always carry a sketch book with me on my walks. I recently completed several illustrations in a book project, titled; “Tiny Pebble, Holy City” written by Michael Dion Walker, which was a pure joy to accomplish.

I have sketched and painted from life over the years. I am a self-taught Artist, and Writer. In my writings I try to place myself in the reader's position, by introducing whatever the subject may be. Most of my writings are Autobiographical in nature. I take the things that I experienced through out my lifetime and record them into my work.

I invite you, the viewer, into my world, through my literary works and my paintings, and as always, PEACE be with you!
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