Barry Vaughn

Freelance Screenwriter & Book Writer

Location:Houston, Texas, United States
Phone: 713-543-1541
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My dream is to enter the movie industry, writing and scripting movies, plays, series episodes, anything I can get into, it's my passion and I won't quit until I achieve what my passion is made of! The very concept of writing, creating a totally different reality, in which anything can happen, the ability to take what we know as the real world, and fixing it little by little by presenting an alternative. It's exhilarating, and provides an escape for the world to embark upon, to be able to make it through this crazy cliché called life. And thus, I am in pursuit of creating happiness, or at least a different way to view life, thus providing an avenue for someone searching happiness out to find it. I am fresh out of high school, and I have been writing ever since I was about 11, consistently complimented on my abilities. I am currently working as a handy man helping my father spur up his business, it's only me and him right now and we make good money, but I don't plan to fix things forever, I want to help fix the imagination of this world that is rapidly becoming void of any recollection of healthy imaginative abilities. I plan to open the mind eye of anyone willing to take a trip down through the murky depths of treasure lusting robot pirates aboard a galactic ship and the unsuspecting computer ****** who is recruited to thwart the pirates biggest heist, or maybe a trip through the multiverse trying to capture a time space dimensional fiend who is planning to destroy it all. Regardless of where we go, one thing stays the same, every moment spent enjoying our imaginations, is another moment spent growing and developing into the people we were made to be.
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