Derek A. Coleman Jr.

Freelance Article Writer & Book Writer

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Derek A. Coleman Jr.
8001 Mandan Rd. Apt. T3
Greenbelt, MD, 20770

To whom it may concern:
I am a dedicated writer, editor, and publisher. I think that my writing skills can grow at your company and I would like to have the opportunity to nourish that growth. I am already an accomplished writer and sustain the necessary proficiency to perform deftly any duties assigned to me if employed by your company. I look forward to drafting masterful writing material for your company and hope you feel the same way after reviewing my resume.

Writing Sample:
The A.C.W.A Legend Vol. By D.A.C Jr.
In the not too distant future disaster awaits the people of earth. The cataclysmic event has the potential to put an end to the human race. But will it? Thanks to a few brilliant men and women and the discovery of a new virtually indestructible metal, life will go on. Welcome to A.C.W.A (Aquatic Colony of Westerners and Americans), one of the last safe havens on the planet— a planet comprised entirely of water. The human race survives even thrives deep in the Pacific Ocean, but not everyone is satisfied just to be alive. With a vicious rebel regime threatening the peace of the new aquatic world, and citizens of A.C.W.A having to fight for their lives while learning to adapt to a world submerged, what will reign supreme: good, evil— life, death or all of the above…


Writing, editing, formatting, revising, creative writing, publishing, books

Author, Professional

I am interested in a career as a professional writer. My initial interest is in novels: writing, editing, formatting, and publishing. I also have a keen interest in journalism and all the aspects that the job entails. My main goal is to balance my novel writing with a career in investigative journalism and gain as much experience in the craft of writing as possible.

Work Experience:
Present Employment:
Self Employed: Author
Accomplishments: Self- published novel- The A.C.W.A Legend Vol.1 (Published with Derek A. Coleman Jr. responsible for: Idea, writing, editing, formatting, book cover design, publishing, and all other aspects in the contriving and publishing of the novel The A.C.W.A Legend Vol.1.
Current: Writing a novel (The Burning Island). Publishing date: 10/28/2013
Former Employment:
Us Army: 11c/ Infantry
Accomplishments: Field EMT certified, honorable discharge

Harpers Ferry Job Corps.: GED
Prince Georges community college: 7 credits
Additional: Meticulously self- educated

Skills Endorsed: Books, Published author, Editing, Creative writing, Publishing

Endorsed By: Gaye, Bob: Producer/Director - BJG Media Productions of Atlanta
Kelsey Lane: Actor & Production Assistant at Self-Employed
Gabriel Jones: Certified Professional Makeup Artist, Circulation Supervisor
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Article Writing
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