Kevin Kummer

Freelance Animator & Flash Designer

Location:Tampa, Florida, United States
Phone: 8604023497
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Kevin Kummer
Tampa, FL


Creative, talented and systematic hard worker. Efficient 3D animation and artist who can utilize a multitude of skills, learn and apply quickly, knowledge in 3D animation. Team player actively wanting to assist company achieve their goals. Enjoys working in a fast paced environment with tight deadlines.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Computer Animation Graduated November 2009
International Academy of Design and Technology
Tampa, FL


Misfits Animation Studios, LLC February 2013 – Present
Principle Partner and 3D Artist

Models 3D environments, stages, and characters for movie production
Creates high definition textures for clothing, objects and environments
Texturing included UV layout, bump maps, high resolution texture files, and ambient occlusion maps
Simulates nHair and nCloth
Works closely with production head of animation
Lighting set up and rendering

Sealund and Associates, St.Petersburg, Florida June 2010 – September 2011
3D animator

Animates full body characters using IK and FK system rigs
Animates full facial and lip syncs using GUI rigs
Models objects, scenes, and accessories utilizing Maya
Imports references into scene and readies each scene for animation
Works with animation head and sets up appropriate camera and scene set ups
Generates scenes and lighting simulations relative to client’s needs
Creates textures applied to objects, clothing and skin
Produces bump, shadow and texture maps
Composites animations using After Effects
Adds sound clips, effects, and color correction to renders
Renders multiple passes and makes sure each scene is place in an organized fashion for compositing and editing.

QG Partnerships, Tampa, Florida July 2009
3D Animator
Makes flash videos
Produces high definition 3D logos for client as well as animates logo
Adjusts, crops and manipulates videos for flash based web layout headers
Originates a web banner animation in flash and imports over to a website
Project lead
Proposes idea for website intro movie
Fabricates original idea and color schemes
Constructs 3D models, environments and textures with Maya and Photoshop
Renders movie with appropriate lighting and textures
Renders scenes using 3DSMax and Maya
Imports renders into After effects
Integrates video effects, color correction, layering and compositing into rendered movies


Ecliptic Hoops March - April 2012
Designs graphics and logo for a hula hoop company
Constructs sketch design and color scheme for logo
Generates a final logo product used for company
Invitations April 2013
Invitations for humorous Jack and Jill party
Took the “Hangover” movie cover and replaced the heads of the three main characters with the heads of the bride and groom
Background and skin manipulation to match original shadows of the main characters


Maya 2013
Adobe Creative Suite CS5
PC/MAC platforms
Lighting and Rendering
3DS Max
Cinema 4D
Drawing and Illustration
Logo Design
Microsoft Office

Animation, 3D modeling, texturing, working out, running, swimming, cooking, sports, learning, reading, movies
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Flash Design