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Braden Baugh

Freelance Salesperson & Blog Writer

Location:Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States
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I am a young entrepreneur who enjoys writing and I now make a career out of it. I have extensive knowledge of several different sports which allow me to write intriguing articles on these sports. After I was finished college athletics, I decided to start my career in sales at a car dealership. These sales skills that I learned were very helpful and helped me gain a lot of knowledge about how to sell. However, the most valuable experience I gained was the knowledge on simply how to interact with people. I gained this knowledge through interacting with all sorts of people and learning how to connect quickly and communicate effectively. The roots of the skills were formed in high school when I was class president every year and student body president my senior year. I learned a new aspect to writing which was speechwriting. I learned how to write effective speeches and used those skills not only to win the school elections but also to place in a county speech contest and make a little extra money. These skills that I have compiled through various life experiences have formed me into the writer which I am today.
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