Thomas Madrid

Freelance Article Writer & Journalistic Writer

Location:Abilene, Texas, United States
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I graduated from Abilene Christian University with a degree in English during the spring of 2010. My desire is to ultimately obtain work as a travel writer, although this is my first attempt at composing anything for compensation. Here are some elements of my life that may help in determining subjects that I could initially write about with some degree of credibility:

* I am Hispanic, Mexican-American specifically. My dreams of travel writing currently revolve around Latin America. While at ACU, I studied abroad in Uruguay. This experience, those four months of life in a new world, convinced me that an occupation of traveling and capturing my journeys with words and photos would be my most ideal and most fulfilling purpose.
* Another significant part of who I am is my psychological diagnosis: bipolar disorder. Since I was diagnosed at sixteen, I have endured much pain but have ultimately maintained some semblance of resilience. It has been thirteen years since the discovery of my disorder, but although I have gone through a handful of hospitalizations and even electroconvulsive therapy, I would not dismiss my manic depression if it were possible. I feel my empathy for others would be far less profound had I not endured all I have; and these words and all other forms of creativity within me seem more amplified due to my struggle.
* This may be a stretch, but I know growing up in a household that was most often led by a strong single mother has made all the difference in the success I have had in my life. Although I am far from alone when considering Hispanic children growing up in single-parent households, my company dwindles when you consider my mother has enabled me to receive a college degree, something that many Hispanic males in this country are still lacking.
* This may be a little less significance, but for not being actively involved in creating music, I feel I am entwined with a number of musical talents. They range from the heavy energy and mainstream popularity of System of a Down to the progressive folk of Sam Amidon, a man with a more humble following.
*Of course, as an English major I should say that literary endeavors are always welcome. I admit my history of literary conquests is meager, but I am confident in my skills of research, interpretation, and the expression of my perception of any work.

Forgive me for this unconventional description, but hopefully this presentation of some of the layers of my life will inspire the consideration of what I have to offer. This is a beginning so bear with me as I feel my way into a writing career and a future of words that increase exponentialling throughout the rest of my life.