Kerchanin Allen

Freelance Editor & French Translator

Location:United States
2 Skills
* Looking to utilize my communications, language and problem solving skills. I am hoping to interact with various organizations dealing in similar trades. I am searching for work in the field of Communications and Public Affairs: speaking with people, research, editing professional writing as well as literature, organizing events, and making connections are strong points in my education, and I would like an opportunity to put these invaluable lessons to use.

*Front desk/Admin. Assistant at AMI Metals, Inc. (was founded as a Tennessee corporation over 27 years ago in 1983 as a small business with three equity partners. French Canada/US relations and communications needed for position. The company
experienced accelerated growth year on year and by 1996, our 13th year of business, the company had grown its sales to over $70 million.)
* Indiana Certified Pharmacy Technician: CVS Pharmacy assistant tech
* Clerical intern for Bell leadership (Chapel Hill) June 2007 to August 2007
* Worked as a translator for Bell Leadership for Quebec sector French to English 2005.
* Experience in public service such as service and cashiering for Pei Wei Asian Diner, and Puckett’s Grocery (Franklin, TN).
* Served Indiana University while in attendance as an organizational worker and ereserves documents associate for two years: processing
orders and maintaining a consistent work ethic and production rate. (2007-2009)

-International communications and Public Affairs / Communication
-workshops/seminars have helped me to build people skills and a constructive attitude towards editing my written work. While early on, my experience had been in the field of theatre, I have over the past five years built the skills necessary to work in any field from publishing to journalism to public relations to communications. I have an intense focus on the international and strive to understand the viewpoints of all people that I meet. Having studied both French and Russian, and spent 7 months living alone in Aix-en-Provence, I have learned a great deal of patience for the unexpected and how to keep a cool head and clear mind when dealing with
stressful situations.

* BA in International Communications with a minor in French from Indiana University in May 2010
* GPA of 3.219
* Minor in French Language

Computer literacy:
* Proficiency in MS-Office suite.
* Skilled in database operations.
* Skilled in Internet operations and networking.
* Well versed in technological language: able to learn new technologies quickly

* Systematic approach to finding solutions.
* Penchant for problem solving.
* Adherence to the company rules.
* Positive attitude in work.
* Ability for cooperative teamwork.
* Ability to work under deadlines and targets.
* Ability to motivate people to bring out their best.

Club and Organizations Headed or Assisted:
*Collins Heritage Project
*Our Own Dead Poets Society
*RISE Team Halloween
*Cheshire Knitting Club
*Multivisions Communications Conference Personal Assistant to Legene White

Extra skills:
* Writing on several topics including: philosophical theories, analyses of technology’s influence on globalization, cultural identity of multiple nations, and research and development of advertising.
* Penchant for Singing.
* Penchant for Theatre
* Penchant for independent /(micro)fiction writing.
* Photography

* To exceed personal expectations in career and school.
* Ensure career growth with the growth of the company and within my degree.
* Will always have a professional attitude towards the job.
* Maintain an amicable relation with all the staff members and fellow students/professors.
* Improve company and interpersonal relations and create connections globally.

*5Ks for Habitat for Humanity
*RISE Halloween candy walks
*Through Collins LLC, Volunteer Days in Bloomington
*5K for Breast Cancer Research
*Thanksgiving Day fundraising for the Homeless Nashville, TN (and Boulevard Bolt for 9 years)
*The Real Life Players : Over 75 youth have participated in Real Life Players over the past 16 years, dedicating months of Sunday afternoons to create their original production and then donating their proceeds to charity. Proceeds will go to Kiva-an international loan organization to support third world communities and individuals to begin new businesses.

* Playing piano
* Cooking French and Italian food.
* Pets, particularly cats and huskies.
* Snow skiing, rock climbing, biking (mountain, street), swimming, yoga (hot and ashtanga) reading, writing, editing friends final papers, tutoring in French, meeting new people/personal interaction, fashion, makeup (art/photo/everyday).
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French Translation