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Amanda Eggert

Freelance Creative Writer & Singer

Location:Tacoma, Washington, United States
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Hi there! My name is Amanda and I am a 23 year old writer from the Evergreen state! I've been writing for fifteen years and have completed five novels and one screenplay. Writing is my passion and I enjoy attending local writing conferences whenever I can. I'm also one of those grammar weirdos who has to have every comma properly placed, knows the definition of when to use the semi-colon, and loathes people who cannot tell the difference between you're/your, two/to/too, etc. I am currently a starving college student, earning my degree in Creative Writing. I applaud you if you've made it this far into my writing bio ;) and I certainly hope my writing services can provide what you're looking for in a freelance writer! If you'd like to see a sample of my writing, please contact me through this site! Thanks again!
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