Sehaam Khan

Freelance Fiction Writer & Screenwriter

Location:United States
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I am a Film and Media Production graduate from the University of Cape Town. I am an ambitious individual, who wants the most out of life and won’t stop at nothing to achieve this. I am hard
working, creative and passionate. I believe in being unique and different in everything that I do. Media, fashion and technology is constantly changing and it is extremely important to me to always be well-informed and up to date with these changes. I seek knowledge by doing a great deal of research and I am very eager to learn. I have a creative mind but I am also very structured. I am meticulous and attentive to the smallest details. I am a highly energetic, fun loving individual, yet still remain down to earth. I have many dreams and aspirations in life and I am committed and focused on making these a reality. I am extremely passionate about Film, Music, Series, Music Video's, Fashion, Video Games, Celebrity Gossip and other forms of entertainment. I enjoy informing people about the latest trends and interesting facts that I find in theses various entertainment platforms. On a daily basis, I would upload a music video, film, song or photograph about something new and interesting with some information on the topic. I am deeply in love with everything in POP CULTURE.
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Fiction Writing