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Robert Rock

Freelance Photo Editor & Commercial Photographer

Location:United States
Phone: 703-779-2674
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Robert S. Rock
618 Burberry Terrace, SE
Leesburg, VA. 20175-5653
Phone/Fax: (703) 779-2674 / (877) 619-5683
Cell: (516) 810-6214

To serve quality focused printers, print project managers, photographers or digital imaging experts, by applying extensive domestic and international experience in all aspects of the printing process; from print project design, digital imaging and photography, planning and implementation, to sales and production management, execution and delivery. Seek management positions overseeing and involving project design, cost estimation and including development of project controls, sales, color management, production supervision, and related project management services. Desire engagements applying my unique knowledge and awareness of both current digital print practices and longstanding traditional print issues. In addition to providing complete print project and production services management, also seek to leverage extensive domestic and international contacts and experience in print sales, sales management, and business development.

1987–Present P. Chan & Edward, Inc. Anaheim, CA
Managing Partner and Project Consultant
Merged my firm, GeoGraphics, with P. Chan and Edward, Inc. to pursue opportunities for Asian printers to serve US markets. Appointed to lead U.S. operations and successfully expanded international sales while preserving domestic client and production base. Successfully introduced US and international clients to benefits of Asian print market. Provided integrated offshore print project management services addressing client needs from project conception through final delivery.
? Responsible for market expansion creating 1000% increase in sales surpassing $10 Million annually while simultaneously introducing new products and services.
? Applied extensive technical background and production expertise to develop and refine production relationships with Asian printers, with particular emphasis on pre-press, binderies, and associated manufacturers. Established company wide quality controls, including those designed for vendors and partners, addressing cost guidelines, production techniques and color management and establishment of ICC color profiles for all vendors.
? Established new production offices including new facilities in Seoul, Korea and Hong Kong. Managed production facilities on site for 1 year and trained all personnel.
? Hired and trained all new sales and production personnel, while concurrently managing all accounts and sales offices nationally. Established branch sales offices in San Francisco, New York, and most recently Washington, DC.
? Spent a minimum of 6 months each year from 1987 – 2000 overseeing Asian operations, principally in Korea, Hong Kong and China while overseeing and managing all project design and execution issues, including manufacturing and production, quality control, color management and press checks, through delivery to customers and including post-delivery assessments.

1983–1987 GeoGraphics Dallas, TX
Principal / Owner
Formed this specialty graphics service / print brokering business to address client needs during time of rapid expansion and change in publishing markets. Rapid expansion of capacity had created downward price competition and established printers had to find ways of doing cost-effective quality work. Company provided comprehensive ‘Printing Brokerage’ services including project design, consultation and administration of production, with special emphasis on use of offshore printing and manufacturing facilities. Developed recognized expertise in locating and coordinating offshore design, printing and related resources (primarily located in the Far East including Korea, Hong Kong and China) for clients who were accustomed to domestic production. Simultaneously developed program that retained strong relations with a network of U.S. printers in Texas and California allowing GeoGraphics clients to select local or international printing needs dependent upon project requirements.
? Researched and established successful network of quality printers and manufacturers throughout Korea, Hong Kong, and Mainland China during time of volatile change in print industry.
? Established and staffed our first offshore production office in Seoul, Korea. Hired and trained all staff personally.
? Developed GeoGraphics reputation as a flexible print project manager with substantial expertise in the discovery and use of multi-national production resources. Substantial print production experience allowed company to credibly introduce clients to benefits of offshore production. Assisted clients to comprehend and confidently make use of what were then relatively sophisticated international printing services. Created large network of sophisticated U.S. print services consumers including dozens of top museums, art publishers, and book manufacturers. Annual sales volume surpassed $6 Million at time of merger with P. Chan & Edward, Inc.

1980–1983 International Graphics Industries Little Rock, AR
National Sales Manager
Joined IGI to ensure continuity of projects and uninterrupted services for my existing clientele after the sudden closure of Regensteiner Press. At time of joining IGI, its Creative Printing Division offered well managed, quality print services but lacked a national representation for this capacity. Joined and agreed to lead this division and focus its offerings.
? Increased company sales volume over 150% in fewer than 3 years, with virtually no increase in sales personnel or fixed expense. Structural issues, including limited production capacities of IGI capped the rate of this expansion.
? Expanded marketing focus from commodity products such as brochures and business reports to quality focused and higher margin work including art books, museum projects, and specialty gift theme projects, all offering more sophisticated work and higher rates of return. Diversification of product line also served to elevate the IGI company image on national level.
? Re-organized production and scheduling departments, including hiring and training of 3 new personnel due to lack of qualified expertise in this area.

1973–1980 Regensteiner Press Chicago, IL
Estimator – Production Manager – Sales - Regional Sales Manager
Joined Regensteiner Press, a highly rated commercial printer (heat set web and sheetfed offset litho) and served until 1980 when company was abruptly dissolved after rising to be among top ten printers in the industry. Secured invaluable experience while working with this industry leader on large and small projects. Served as project cost estimator and production controls specialist and during this time began development of proprietary methods for costing projects and managing production. Was successfully ascending company management structure until the abrupt dissolution of Regensteiner in 1980.
? Initial job duties, right out of college, included reporting directly to company’s General Manger and working very closely with the Sales Force to ensure cost control and quality outputs. Estimating responsibilities necessitated learning every aspect of modern print process, from pre-press to paper/ink, to printing, to binding, to shipping through distribution. Was solely responsible for creating and implementing a novel computerized print cost estimating system. System was eventually adopted and used throughout the company and well before electronic cost calculation became an accepted industry practice. This successful merger of established business practices with currently available technology would become a hallmark of my approach to print management services.
? Assumed Production Coordinator duties (CSR) in 1975 and was quickly appointed as Production Manager by 1976. My department was responsible for overseeing production totaling over $60 Million annually; responsibilities included both web and sheetfed offset, complete bindery, and management and administration of company’s very large in-house pre-press department.
? Promoted to Sales roles in 1977 and was relocated to Dallas/Ft.Worth area to manage the Southwest Regional Sales Office. By 1980, expanded sales for this territory from barely $800,000 to over $10 Million annually (including both web and sheet fed). All sales for which I was responsible enjoyed added distinction of being rated as the most profitable for the company because of efficiencies realized from my integrated approach to print project management. Subject matter at time included publications, catalogs, annual reports, and high quality sheetfed books.

Education Cornell University - Ithaca, NY
Rochester Institute Technology – Rochester, NY – Printing / Print Management
Triton Institute Technology - Chicago, IL – Printing / Print Management
Printing Industry Institute of Illinois - Chicago, IL - Advanced Certification

Interests Golf, Computers, Photography, Digital Imaging and retouching, Website design, Reading, Snow Skiing, Home Improvement, Travel

Professional with extensive knowledge of domestic and international print industry merges diverse production experience with significant high-level managerial, consulting, and sales management skills. Unique skill set serves specialty print publishers and their clients seeking to apply best practices for print project design, management and execution. Extensive and varied industry experience is combined with broad knowledge of existing and emerging digital technologies for print and production. Offers services enabling printers and their clients to achieve their objectives in the most professional and cost-effective way.
Professional and personal references and listing of software and digital print systems experience is available upon request.