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Shay Smith

Freelance Creative Writer & Writer

Location:United States
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Arshar C. Smith 22507 Raven Circle ? Lincoln, DE 19971 ? Available to Relocate Nationwide
Home: (302) 684-1369 ? Cell: (302) 448-9598 ? or
Results Driven Professional
• Excellent interpersonal, communication and relationship building skills.
• Attentive Listener, Persuasive Communicator with diligent follow through.
• Technically skilled—with Microsoft Office 2007 applications and A2i Report Writing (a report writing component - FIS software)
Key Competencies
? Microsoft Excel
? Microsoft Word
? PowerPoint Presentations
? Public Speaking
? Key Organizational Skills
? Report Writing
? Fast-paced Learner
? Detail Oriented
? Strong Aptitude of Numbers
Wilmington University, Delaware (various campus sites)
Masters of Business Administration, GPA: 3.75. August 2008
North Carolina Wesleyan College, Rocky Mount, NC
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration w/ an English Minor, GPA: 3.5, May 2004
• Awards/Involvement: Founding Member of Rotaract-Subsidiary of Rotary at the collegiate level (During my undergraduate studies 2002-2004), Orientation Leader (2003), Resident Assistant (2003-2004), Sister’s of Distinction Member (2001-2004), Justice Club Member (2003-2004)
Work Experience (concurrent with college studies)
Accountant/Accounting Clerk, 2006 to Present ? COUNTY BANK, Rehoboth Beach, DE
With this position, I work closely with the Chief Financial Officer of the Bank in establishing and maintaining a smooth flow of work produced on all levels of the organization; in regards to the end result being most profitable and satisfying to the Bank
• Performance in the following areas: calculating, posting and verifying duties within the Accounting Department, in addition to the bank as a whole in regards to obtaining financial data.
• Compile and sort documents (i.e. invoices, checks, etc.)
• Verification and Review on processed work of each member within the Accounting department before and after system processing (i.e. transactions, reports, etc.)
• Generate and create reports on General Ledger, Deposit (upon request) and Loans (upon request) Information
• Federal Reserve Account Reconciliations
• FIS System Conversion-General Ledger Team (i.e. start-up processes, system maintenance, etc.)
• Federal Reserve Reporting (i.e. FR2900, Reserve Requirement, FR2644, etc.)
• Employee Expense Tracking
• Transaction Postings/Approvals for items pertaining to the General Ledger/Customers
• Review of both Computer and Operating Reports
• Departmental Procedure Writing
• Year-end Tax Preparation and Reporting (i.e. Vendor 1099-Misc, Customer 5498, etc)
• Supervision for the Financial Institution’s Bookkeeping Department
• Analytical Processing of the Financial Institutions Risk Monitoring through PlanSmith-Risk Compass Software

Shift Supervisor, 1999-Presnt (seasonal-part time) ? DAIRY QUEEN, Lewes, DE
Main function is to promote and ensure guest satisfaction, achieved through my ability to develop and maintain a strong team environment, placing emphasis on associate satisfaction and delivery of prompt, courteous, correct service; with the intent to help in driving sales.
• Open and close shift in accordance with manager's checklist.
• Initiate aggressive guest interaction through channels associated with both seeking and soliciting feedback from guests, on suggested improvement tactics.
• Properly execute revenue and check control procedures on shift.
• Maintain a safe and sanitary work environment for both staff and guests.
• Find solutions for problems (i.e. ensuring adequate staffing for shifts- call outs, last minute customer orders).
• Ensure that customers are satisfied, by assisting with serving, communication with kitchen

Here's a Piece written by me:

My Letter to Inspire a generation we’re losing,
Who knew in this year of 2010, it would bring forth the turmoil that time harvested not, but we ourselves; those free and blessed abundantly with opportunities that we CHOOSE not to take. Who knew the day would come when society would decide for us rather than us deciding for society. Who knew that our brains would expand with the intent to fill it with emptiness, ignoring the completion of knowledge versed with positive aspirations clouded by negative decisions. It is the dream of the American people that we utilize all venues towards an expected generations that should be breeding doctors and lawyers instead of diseased bodies and criminal minds eluding to cell blocks instead of mansions, gun shots instead of fireworks, poverty instead of wealth, crime instead of love, pride instead of humble spirits, and weakness instead of strength.
Who knew that we would feed off of and model ourselves based on yesterday’s mistake because effort today requires too much. In a world where three doors may open before you, with God’s blessing in providing us with a CHOICE to walk through and yet we still turn around looking for a key to utilize that which wasn’t designed for us to choose from. Can you imagine a country where something as plentiful as water for us is a rarity in some places where death prevails and life exist only as a state of mind. How has this free place allowed so much ******* without chains?
What constitutes wrong turns when we have been equipped with the necessities needed in walking down the right path with our head hung high. Whoever suggested that this life would be easy? Whoever said that good was merely a dream? When will we smell the air of freedom and opportunity and when will we feel the heartbeat of America because God promised us a tranquil and serene environment . Why do we stand around allowing the tears of our ancestors to go unnoticed? We spend so much time pushing away rather than pulling together. Why do we allow young women to feel as though they will never be any better than one to remain on her back and take care of the world knowing that the world doesn’t love her.
There are just too many cases of a young women placing their baby’s pacifier on the night stand and turning to drink from their own bottle. Why do we allow young men to feel as though RESPONSIBILITY is an understament and that running away is the best decision they could make. There are just too many cases of young men behind bars instead of in the workforce. Whatever happened to the significance of unity and the rewards it offers in just being what we ought to in life? So many times we pat people on the back for working and supporting their families and worshipping our Lord, but push pause and think about one’s purpose and to manage your duty in life we need to stop applauding what should be done regardless.
Life is a privilege, each day we rise is an honor, because God decided that you were worthy enough to breathe his air another day. Who has decided for the whole generation that supporting wrong is far more accepted than fighting for what’s right. Knowledge is power and yet we still don’t understand that God is saying “Take it My Child”; because life operates identical to the binding structure of our schools. Society represents our classroom, the bible is our lesson plan, God is the instructor and to be “Born Again” is our degree; and as mentioned so many times before, always remember that the world didn’t give it and therefore the world can’t take it. So many people around us have lived their entire lives hurting while others thrive on never being satisfied. Whoever said that every now and then you couldn’t lighten a load and cry a tear for your sister when she’s fallen and needs help and whoever said that you couldn’t struggle with your brother because you know that God has it all in his plan and under control.
If we had the ability to clearly see through people, do you ever wonder what you would see? Or what if you could see through yourself; what would you see. Would you see love and understanding or would you see hate and a misguided perception? When will we stop making excuses and start believing that we are just as worthy to a prosperous life just as the other, when we allow God to step in and drive. When it rains we grab umbrellas, when its sunny we cover our eyes with sunglasses, when it snows we take our time to avoid and accident, when the wind blows we close the window, when it’s dark we turn on the lights, when it’s hot we run the air conditioner, when it’s cold we use a heater, when we’re sick we go to the doctors, when we’re hungry we go to the grocery store and yet we still remain clueless to the fact that these things came from God and not we ourselves. So if you had the ability to stop time in your minds right now; could you truly redirect your focus in knowing that: God loves you and expects you to love your sisters and brothers.
God loves us, which is why he’s given us shelter from the rain, he’s given us peace in the midst of the storm, he’s given us clarity to see that you don’t have to be of the world, he’s given us a vision so that we could eliminate division amongst ourselves; he’s given us a road map that will never get us lost; he’s given us a light at the end of the tunnel because he wants us to know that trouble won’t last always. Can we lay down to bed tonight and wake to a new day, with a renewed spirit and an open mind? Can we ask and fully answer…Who? What? When? Why? and How; because deep down inside at the tip of a place, we forget to go sometimes, we need to grab hold of and pull upward so that a shining spotlight will center on this very important thought:
The everlasting God we serve is the only WHO we should factor in our minds because with this the WHAT will ensure us the truth to a fulfilled life, WHEN the load is too much and we just can’t understand WHY we have to bear so much; but needless to say he didn’t stop there, because throughout all of the bad days our father has deemed it necessary to include some good ones too. He took the time to free a county from Satan’s power and pour down raindrops of opportunity; he gave us Churches to worship and fellowship in; he gave us schools to seek out an education that yes, we are entitled to; he gave us homes to settle into, he gave us cars to travel in, he gave us jobs to provide a steady income; all in which is HOW he thought enough of us…to BLESS us with an answer to each one of our questions.
His purpose on your life should never be in vain, so with the love he’s shone you, can you honestly turn and give the same to another? Can we define clarity in a purpose that he himself designed especially for us; never thinking twice to extend a hand when it’s needed, wipe a tear with a tissue from him, sustain an open mind and bask in a love for ourselves and others in appreciating satisfaction for what the moment says is ours, letting go of what he took from us yesterday and trust in what he promised to a faithful servant he’s going to give to us today for a better tomorrow…

Shay Smith
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