Sarah Foster

Freelance Nature Photographer & Photographer

Location:Glenwood, Iowa, United States
Phone: 402-714-0491
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As a child I always loved to pick up my mothers camera and just started to take random pictures of what ever caught my eye. Most of them where blurry from being to close but hearing the sound of the shutter made me happy. As I continued to grow I was still fascinated with taking all types of pictures. My little 35mm was always with me where ever I went. My mom gave me my first camera with interchangeable lens that put me on cloud nine. The more pictures I took the more I understood how to work the settings and how to properly set my camera for certain settings. I am now just going to try my hand at freelancing. I was always told I had a nack for taking pictures, along with finding and catching the right moment. So now I want to see if it's true. I do a lot nature, animal, simple photography and outdoor events because always finding the right moment or being in the right place at the right time to find that moment is a great feeling and being able to share the moment is captured on your camera and gives you a sense of pride in the beauty of the moment.
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Nature Photography