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Warren Seranio

Freelance Digital Artist & Illustrator

Location:Irvine, California, United States
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My art is the result of my passion for drawing, love of animation and exposure to computer science, all of which heavily influenced my subject matter and the development process of my illustrations.

Often the subjects I approach are translated into an image influenced by animations, video games and fond childhood memories. Depictions of dystopian futures and unrealistic human feats are some of the ways I approach conveying a broader idea. My art is subtle and unexpected in communicating themes.

My illustrations merge both traditional and digital art form to create the final image. The use of traditional mediums serves as a distinct visual element to convey the thought process involved in the construction of the composition. Digital coloring is applied to merge the two styles using color schemes that complement the imagery. The finished piece is bright with distinct color schemes in order to develop an interesting image that challenges the viewer to engage and understand the meaning behind the illustration.
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Digital Art