John C. Kennedy

Freelance Proofreader & Editor

Location:Tucson, Arizona, United States
2 Skills
The mission of Full Spectrum Proofreading is to provide reliable, knowledgeable, and affordable proofreading for writers of all calibers. Those that are beginners, perhaps never publishing before, will feel comfortable being assisted in creating a meaningful, error-free document. Experienced writers will have confidence in responsible and prompt completion of assignments.
Specializing in (but not limited to) e-books my business is taking a step towards the future of writing and publishing, a field that is changing daily towards digital communication. An essential part of services, something that only a few proofreaders provide, is assistance in preparing documents properly for uploading into e-book formats, such as Kindle and others. Advice on the creative aspects of e-book creation will be an optional upgrade to a project: cover design, illustrations, and reviews; important elements that will help an author's work stand out in the crowd, no matter how experienced the writer is. Grandma Moses would have delighted in writing and publishing an e-book treatise on folk art, if only she could spell.
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