Hannah Brinza

Freelance Editor & Medical Translator

Location:Novi, Michigan, United States
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My name is Hannah Brinza, I am currently an exercise science graduate student. I am an athletic trainer with advanced medical translation training including emphasis on musculoskeletal aspects and pharmaceutical knowledge. I am an adept and efficient editor for both creative and content writing and have a good deal of pro bono experience in this field.
Along with the skills listed I am an active animal illustrator, jingle writer, a thrice published poet, a creative writer, an expert in power point and a freelance story board artist. Jack of all trades, so to speak, with a particular flare for certain entities within the arts.
I took a several year hiatus from the arts to complete my undergrad schooling, where I spent part of the time in the film & video program but ultimately withdrew to procure my athletic training degree in a more timely manner.
Ultimately what this means is, as I work to build up my resume, my work will be to my highest potential but having few references the services will not be quite so dearly paid for. A bonus to those who will find I am quite talented in those traits I am most promoting.
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Medical Translation