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Alyssa Nichols

Freelance Real Life Painter & Drawer

Location:Kent, Ohio, United States
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Alyssa is a senior at Kent State working on a dual degree in Studio Art and Psychology. As she has realized the catalyst creative processes have had for strength and happiness in her own life, she's made the decision to continue her education and achieve her Masters in Art Therapy. She's skilled in several mediums. Printmaking, painting, drawing, etc. anything that needs a creative touch, she loves doing. Through her academic career, she has realized her talents working both abstractly and in realistic forms. Alyssa has volunteered her talents working with Non-profit organizations and finds fulfillment through doing such things. She's been commissioned to do gifts for special occasions/holidays, and finds fulfillment knowing that she's making a moment in someone's life special.
Alyssa has the ability to work large scale and small scale and painted her first mural in 2010 for a veterans shelter in her area. Let her share her talents with you!
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Real Life Painting