Perumal Nagapushnam

Freelance Architectural Illustrator & House Architect

Location:Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2 Skills

BORN : 11TH MAY 1956
MARITAL STATUS : Married with 4 children
CONTACT NO. : +6017-2370605
ADDRESS : 43 Jalan Intan 1/7, Taman Puchong Intan, 47150, Selangor, Malaysia


I am computer literate in Autocad-2D and 3D,Google Sketch Up, Photoshop, MS Office-word, excel, Projects,
I can speak in Public, teach and lead a team.


2001-2011 Started a Design and Build Company
2000-2011 Started an Architectural Practice
Appointments: Senior Project and Design Architect *** Director
Job Responsibilities: My responsibilities were to design and manage project for my clients. Sometimes my clients requested for design and build packages from the company, hence we provided such service.

The following projects were designed by me:
a.)Proposed Business Center for IOI, Intellicity
A commercial center consisting of 5 Office blocks within the Intellicity by Flora Development
The center is to accommodate about a 1,400,000 sq ft of office rentable space. The Proposal was well received and approved by client, IOI .However the project was stalled due to the Asian Financial Crises.

b.)Proposed Penang 2nd Tunnel Crossing( USD 1.5 Billion)
Penang Bridge consisting of 2 man-made islands, the tunnel included designing of the approach and Entrance into the bridge and Toll Plaza and the Office Block.
The location was in the northern part of the Island of Penang. The Government Of Malaysia needed the 2nd Crossing Tunnel to be aesthetically treated. The man made islands for the Tunnel option were designed as in the Aqua Bay Island in Tokyo, Japan.

c.)Proposed Binary College at IOI Intellicity, in the MSC
The campus will provide the best Education available in the country to 5000 student at any time.
The most up to-date computer Labs, swimming pool, student centers, gymnasium, badminton courts etc. The design was completed and local authority approval was obtained and the details for construction were completed.

d) Binary University College
I had to design a University for Mines Wonderland by a lake side, the University was party sitting over the lake. The façade was designed to create a traditional educational institution look with an ambiance for close student interaction taking advantage of the existing lake.There were to built in 3 Phases: Phase I, II, III for a college of 10,000 population in Mines Wonderland.

e.)Butterfly Park
I designed a Butterfly park in Cameron Highland which was a hill resort .It was an attraction for the tourist .The Park was also a breeding ground for Butterflies. The Park was dotted with Butterfly wing like features.

f.)Hill Timber Bungalow for Mr. Yahaya at Bario,Sarawak
I designed a Timber House for a Hill in Barrio, the design considerations were strong winds, the remote hill was accessed only by small plane and the remoteness and inaccessibility made the construction primitive. The hill had views of the Indonesian Borneo hills.
g) De-Melawati Apartments
I designed a simple apartments for the city dwellers. The apartment was located on Hill
Overlooking the National Zoo. The design took consideration of the existing trees and the hills were not disturbed to give a natural environment.

g)Sepang High Cost Apartment.
Sepang Apartments has been designed to accommodate about 500 units within a single block of building within a land size of 10 acres. The shape turn up to be interesting and the company received much praise for the idea and design

h.)Solid Waste Transfer Station
Proposed plant for the government for transfer station. The transfer station functions as a plant to compress the domestic rubbish such as to minimize transport cost of transporting the Solid Waste Plant.

i)Sidel Asian Distribution Center
A large French factory for 10, 000m2 for Sidel, Shah Alam, The design was well received very well in all of Europe and in the Head Office of Europe. The plant manufactured machines which produced plastic bottles for fizzy drinks.

A.)The following projects were Project Managed by me:
a.) Mydin Hypermarket(project cost USD20Million)
Project management consultant for 500,000sqft.Largest Hypermarket in Malaysia

b) Proposed Solid Waste Thermal for the GOM(project cost USD400Million
A Plant which burns domestic waste , recycling and generates thermal power. The
electricity was distributed to the neighboring areas.
Landfill and bum a total of 1200 tones of rubbish per day.

B.)The following projects were Design and Built by me:
Olympia College
a) Renovation of the Head Quarters of Olympia College in KL, Wisma Budiman
The college needed a premises in a 8 storey tower of a built up space of 60,000sq ft.The design was based on the clients preference for timber. The reception, auditorium, classrooms ,library, canteen ,meeting rooms ,CEO’s office were designed using timber as theme. We received good praise for good design and early completion of works.
b) Renovation of the Petaling Jaya Branch of Olympia College in Jalan Barat, PJ
The college needed a premises in a 8 storey tower of a built up space of 40,000sq ft.The design was based on metallic finishes. The reception, auditorium, classrooms, library, canteen, meeting rooms, CEO’s office were designed using timber as theme. We received good praise for good design .
c) Interactive Library Kuala Selangor
The Inferiors of the Library was design with the latest state of art technology, a paperless library where all information were available in the computer. The interactive library was a concept to raise curiosity and interest in learning.
d) Bungalow for Haji Gohar in Puchong-3200 sq ft of renovation for a bungalow

C.) The following projects were Built by me:

a) Bungalow for Mr. Collin in Taman Tun Dr Ismail-5000sq ft of luxury and high cost building
b) Earth Failure slope protection works in Pahang, Malaysia
The slope was up about 10km up the mountain, infested with tigers an elephants and slope failures was about 80mx200m down ,using polyfelt textiles to strength the slope in layers of 300mm to 350mm , compacted at field density of 90% compaction. The sides were protected with stones in fill. The work was completed within 18months.

1996- 1999 worked for KUMAGAI GUMI, Japanese Contractor
Appointments: DESIGN MANAGER on a 34 storey Office Tower and 28 storey Luxury Apartment

Job Responsibilities: Oversee the consultants in producing constructable drawings, approved the payments of consultants Fees and Managed all the Contractors submittals, request for information, shop drawings.

1995-1996 worked for DZJ & ASSOCIATES, an ARCHITECTURAL Company
Appointment: Appointment as Project Manager (Resident Architect)

Job Responsibilities: Supervised the construction works of a Polytechnic College in 100 acres. I had under my responsibility a Resident Engineer and 3 Clerk of Works.

1994-1995 worked for TR Hamzah & Yeang Sdn Bhd-an Architectural Company
Appointment: Resident Architect on a 34 storey high rise Commercial Office ,TA Towers
Job Responsibilities: This building was built on Beret Piles which was 110meters deep(deeper that KLCC).I oversaw the supervision of Architectural ,C&S and M&E work for the high tower.

1991-1994 worked for Pembinaan Nadzri Sdn Bhd- a local Class A Contractor
Appointment: Project Manager
Job Responsibilities: I managed and oversaw the 34 storey Office Tower-Wisma Denmark, KL
And managed housing projects and Large factories, and low cost factories

1990-1991 worked in Akitek Akiprima, an Architectural Practice
Appointment: Design Architect
Job Responsibilities: I was involved in the design and production of documentation of tender drawings for a 24 High Rise Condominium and a 11 story High Rise Condominium in Taman Bunga Raya, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

1988-1984 worked in Australia-Architectural Offices
Appointment: Architectural Student
Job Responsibilities: I did presentation drawings for Shopping Centers, Recreational and working drawings and details drawings for ABC Radio Station, Community Center Arrrnots Harper Ware House, and Transportable Homes. Submission drawings for a Retirement Village

1982-1984 Worked in Perunding Alam Bina, an Architectural Company
Appointment: Project- Coordinator
Job Responsibilities:
a) Subang Airport International Base Phase II Study
I was involved with a team of Japanese Consultants (the largest consultant in Asia) to study if the Airport could match Singapore International Airport. The study involved of the study of land space for future expansion with respect to the demands of visitors landing in, and planes landing per hour, the runway capacity and apron capacity. The Study concluded that the surrounding land of the Airport which was committed to development and Research was a serious limitation to the capacity of the airport in the future.
b)RMN Naval Base- military base
I supervised the works in the Royal Naval Base, Lumut, Malaysia for building such as the Headquarters Complex and Logistics Base. The were planned by German Consultants and we supervised the construction of the buildings.

1980-1982 Worked in Minconsult Sdn Bhd /Pakatan International
Appointment: Quantity Surveyor
Job Responsibilities:
a) Sandakan Airport-I had about 10 engineers under me , we completed the tender document for the Sandakan Airport. The Airport consists of the Terminal, Air Control Tower, Fire (Bomba) Build, Hanger and Auxiliary Buildings, Runway. Apron etc
b) Klang Power Station- I together with 4 Engineers produced the Piling package , Building packages
c) Shah Alam State Mosque-This mosque had the largest Dome in the world. I helped to produce the cost plan for the project
d)13 storey High Rise Mara-Uda Building-I produce the valuation certificates during the progress of the construction .
e) Podium Block for the Perkim Building-I produce the final accounts for the Construction of the Podium Block